How to Change to Grenade

Im still new to Gears and I can not figure out how to use a grenade instead of a smoke grenade.
Everytime i start up to play im stuck with smoke grenade
What do i do to change to a reg grenade.

You cant start with them. You have to pick them up on the battlefield

Thanks so much
they just randomly laying around?

Once the map that have been selected and the team line up comes before deployment (5 sec countdown) you can click up on the D-pad to change any weapon on your loadout.

You can equip smokes or flash grenades before a match. The 3 other grenades have spots on the map that you have to go pick them up. Usually the explosive grenades are in the middle of the map and you will probably have to fight the other team for them. There are a few maps with 2 sets on them. 1 being somewhere close to where each team spawns

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