How to blademaster against non drone enemies?

When i do the melee it basically pauses after the hit since you cant do the execute move on them, which is the best way to deal with those types of enemies

When I have ultimate i can just rapid fire melee but non ultimate melee is strange to me against non executable enemies

Melee and dodge is pretty much what I do against these.

I am assuming you mean Scions, pouncers and sires. So yeah, pretty much melee and dodge and let bleed do its job.

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Roll back or to the side or do a wall slide after the first or second hit, preferably before the enemy melees back to avoid the stagger and/or damage.

And for tougher enemies like Scions or DR-1s you’ll want to flash them(or stun them with an EMBAR) and/or hit them with a Breaker Mace for a faster and easier kill.

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Hit and run. Let the bleed do its job. Also, use flashbangs if you have them.

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Avoid Ice Scions at all costs.

Ice Scions can ghost freeze you even when they are stunned.

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Theres a melee combo system in Gears 5 if you’re unaware. Basically you hit melee 3 times in succession and it’ll will do a melee combo for 3 quick hits.

For Boomshot and Ice Scions I recommend using flashbangs on them and then killing them with a mace. Pretty much any enemy that is bigger than a drone I recommend a mace.


That one is OKAY…but…but…

Palace Guard with the Insta-Freeze Cryo Cannon is much Horrible :cold_face:

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Yeah no, Ice Scions are just as bad with the BS insta freeze.

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at least you still have a Second to Roll, but Palace Guard is…“Can I move?”

“He just Freeze me when I have reaction to Roll it :poop: !!!”

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Luring flyers into areas with low arching doorways is a good tactic, you can land some hits before they fly back up.

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Also as a side point about the smaller enemies - remember what causes what enemies to stagger. Normal Drones (i.e.: non-elites) can be staggered by the 2nd slash; Deadeyes can be staggered by the 2nd slash; Theron Guards stagger on the 2nd slash; but DeeBee Shepherds; Palace Guards and all Swarm Elite variants only stagger on the kick, so you’ll want to factor this in too. On higher difficulties / waves you don’t necessarily want to get into a punch-fight with the Elites - better to slash them twice and retreat.

Also, all heavy enemies melee with their left arms, so you can actually dance around them by sliding/rolling to your left / their right. Slash once, roll forward-left, turn slash, roll forward-left etc etc and you can avoid their attacks. Not advisable when there’s other enemies around shooting at you, but if you can isolate a heavy, then you can do this untouched.