How the swarm reproduce theory?

Here’s my question about the swarm how do they reproduce if there’s not that many humans left after the locust war Why are there so many drones and juvies can they reproduce without podding humans my theory is that the swarm can reproduce without humans when they pod people I don’t think they are turning them into juvies but mostly stealing memories from humans and hooking them into the hive mind to make the swarm more smarter inside the pod it needs protein from living things and breaks them
Down when ever a snatchers catches a human or a creature

The swarm hunters are female so I’m pretty sure they use them to reproduce.

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Matriarch’s dead so no brood Zerkers like the Locust War.

It seems that most of the Swarm reproduce and evolve from carrion.

Juvies are created in pods from humans’ remains, who then enter nests to become a type of Drone known as Imago. These Imago eventually harden up and turn into different classes of a Swarm Drone.

Well I mean it seems like they just Pod people to make more Swarm unlike the reproductive Locust of the past

Seems problematic that they depend on humans to reproduce. There’s probably more to the hives in the comics I bet.

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Indeed it is and yeah maybe