How the game try to create a 5 vs 5 team and fails (Quickplay/event)

Today I saw how the game tries to manage a balanced team without success.

First match, 2 stacks of 2 players. We lose and the next match was the 4 stack versus another player and me. One player joins randomly and the game just put him/her on the enemy team (5 vs 2)

Second time, we were 2 versus 1, but the game puts that player on my team, so 3 vs nobody and I won MVP

A team vs no one I found it on other events, but the player who had to be on our team and went to the other is new to me (I don’t play PvP so often)

I think the game just throws you in wherever there’s enough space for either just you or however many people you’re searching with.

After all, it is QP/ an event.

This always happens whenever they turn bots off.

OSOK fans complained about bots so TC took them out but clearly they forgot to put them back. Played on a 3 stack for a few games and at one point the game decided to add the new player to our team when the opposing “team” was a single dude.

I have given up completely on a fix, TC just don’t play test anything they do.