How TC fixes bugs

I was playing Gears 5 when I started to wonder how the game was developed.

Okay, that’s a lie. I was looking at gifs and memes. But I did wonder how the game was developed.

I found this. A reporter gets a very close look at how The Coalition fixes bugs:

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Now the triage meeting is reviewing a bug where, after finishing Gears 4, if the player mashed a button incessantly while the credits rolled, it left a small “loading” icon in the corner of the screen when they returned to the main menu, even though the game wasn’t loading.

“We can catch a lot of bugs, but we can’t catch them all,” Arrington, the QA director, said. “Especially with that kind of aggressive user. If you play the game like an ■■■■■■■ there’s not much we can do.”

Nice way to blame the players for your lack of ability there TC. Most people I know try to skip or at least speed up the credits in games.


Excuses. They’re acting like they started this Franchise and built the game from nothing. It’s the fourth sequel (not including Judgment or Ultimate Edition) after a full trilogy of almost the exact same style of game. They lack what matters most when developing these games, passion. They’ve made it blatantly obvious as time goes on that they aren’t really interested in this game anymore by remaining distant and occasionally offering little drips of mediocre content.

They had good intentions with Gears 4, keeping a similar design and gameplay while improving on it and adding features. They called it “playing safe” when in fact it was precisely what we want. Sure it had many issues but in it’s final form it’s pretty good. A great template for the sequel, brutally ignored. The fans stuck with the Franchise not only because of the lore, but mainly because Gears of War has it’s own unique style of gameplay and differs from many other generic shooters out there.

They broke the mould with Gears 5, and the community along with it.


Compare 4’s and 5’s gameplay for me in a few bullet point and I’ll tell you if 5 is such a huge departure from the “similar design”.

Matter of fact, do that with all of the franchise’s titles so far and I bet you’ll find more differences between older games and less between 4 and 5. Changing the boost out of cover isn’t “breaking the mould”.

I kept this for such a request:


I specifically spoke about “gameplay”. All of these points are irrelevant to what we’re discussing now.

The game was fine (gameplay wise, it had server allocation issues and very little cosmetic content) until they started messing around with the movement speeds out of cover (up+A) and the Gnasher damage curves and gib range. Do you have something to compare on these issues, or are you going to stand behind comparing things of secondary importance (chainsaw on RB)?

TC fixes bugs.
TC fixes bugs?
TC fixes bugs!?!?!?!?!


No they don’t.

TC kills Gears of War.

Testify :raised_hands:

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I’m not standing behind anything, son. This game was never fine. It goes against what Gears of War is all about. They made too many unnecessary changes.

You started with Judgment, so it’s understandable that you’d feel more comfortable with Gears 5 as it’s more like what you’re initially used to. But Judgment itself was a step out of Gears of War’s normal style.

Read that list again and pay attention this time. There are relevant points in there. You keep asking me to “compare” gameplay when I’ve clearly listed changes that I find off. It’s advisable that you look up the definition of “gameplay” and come back to this discussion.

Yes, obviously there’s differences between each Gears in the original trilogy. But the difference is they are improvements on their predecessor, such as fresh relevant features or improved animation on previously introduced features. That tends to happen in sequels.

The Gnasher and movement are important changes, granted, but they are ongoing and continuously being altered so comparing them is as such.

Having said that, in no way is the Chainsaw (more or less the mascot for Gears of War) being moved to a different button after 13 years something of secondary importance. That’s a disgusting thing to say.


It seems so many people are really unhappy with this game right now, it’s sad, Especially as most of the planet is in some state of locked down/social distancing and could all do with a good game to play.

I don’t feel more comfortable with 5, Judgment was the one that felt massivley off anyway after going back and playing the original trilogy titles. Bad attempt to dicredit me, but I like conversations, so I’ll keep going.
As far as your points in the screenshot you posted, let’s take every point and judge its importance.

  • Chainsaw on RB. A seriously minor change, which you still call “disgusting”. Ok dude.

  • Terrible weapon reticles. They are actually the best in the series so far.

  • Executions on B. See the first point.

  • Hideous reverse Omen. I agree with disliking the Omen, but calling it “hedious” means you think it just looks bad aesthetically and that it doesn’t hinder the gameplay, which it does. First strike there.

  • Knife melee. A melee that had staggering effect(s) was in UE too and it was also poorly balanced. The melee on 5 has been fixed now, or am I missing something? I agree on this one.

  • Poor communication skills. Not a gameplay feature, obviously. I agree though. Second strike there.

  • Numerous amateurish issues upon launch. We’re discussing some of them already, so you’re only repeating yourself here, so let’s move on.

  • The new and creative… . You’re repeating yourself once more, but let’s move on again.

  • Unnecessary weapon recoil. With the amount of damage the rifles do, would you prefer the random spread of 4, or the precision of 5 provided you can control the easiest recoil patterns I’ve seen in a game?

  • Inconsistent Gnasher. I agree with this.

  • Highly accurate ranking system. What do you mean by that? If it’s that it hasn’t worked since launch, I agree.

  • Content. I agree, but it’s not a gameplay issue. Third strike.

  • Hammerburst. Called it “beloved” really speaks about what kind of player you are (stay at a distance and just Hammerburst all day if you can)

  • Flashbangs. I liked the idea of having a dedicated “stun” grenade, but it wasn’t balanced. I don’t know what you meant with this, so let’s assume I agree.
    *“un-Gears-like” banners. Not a gameplay issue and I disagree, but it’s whatever. Fourth strike.

  • Unwanted Emotes. Some of them are very cringy, others are very nice. Not a gameplay issue, fifth strike.

  • Announcers. Not a gameplay issue. Sixth strike.

  • Horde heroes. I agree up to a point.

  • Escape. Your point about it shows how one-sided you are on this. Not a gameplay issue, seventh strike.

  • Explosives. I agree.

  • Pistol animation. Not a gameplay issue and I disagree. Eighth strike.

This is just to prove that I want discussions to go on, since that’s the only way for the game to improve, but there’s a difference between judging gameplay tweaking/design choices and cosmetic/secondary stuff.

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Read that quotation back to yourself until it sinks in. I say there are relevant points in the list, now the entire list. But alright, two can play at that game.

Good talk.


They don’t fix anything…

That has got me killed in versus more than any other unnecessary change.

i.e. In a suppression position I hear someone rapidly approaching from behind with no time to swap to a gnasher so I pivot to hold down the bumper to chainsaw but instead here comes an instantly failed reload sequence so I can’t change weapons even if I wanted to now. Happens often in horde too .

One other thing; You are nitpicking a screenshot of a previous post which clearly stated that not all points listed were applicable to this discussion.


Nitpicking is something done with malicious intent. I am trying to get everyone to be precise and first and foremost give that precise feedback about gameplay and then the greater design choices which can’t be changed now for 5. After the first year of the game, we can start talking about those ideas for 6.

As for what the other person posted, they never said some of their points weren’t applicable in this subject. Regardless of that, we both commented on each other’s points, so whoever reads this can be most informed.

To clarify, it was self-explanatory. I never thought I had to.

how tc fixes bugs ?

they don’t know how… even with all the horsepower Visual Studio gives them and all the Azure servers… they aren’t capable of fixing the bugs…

only THE GREYS creatures are able to fix the damn game…