How TC could get me to keep playing Gears 5 after this weekend

The sad truth is that I’m losing interest in Gears 5, but this could be reversed for at least a while if we had the ability to scrap cards. Sure, there are topics about all of the things wrong with the game, but honestly I enjoy it as it is, except I’m getting bored. When you hit level 18 on a character, you at least have some incentive to keep playing them to upgrade all skills (that you want to use) to level 5. But on my JD, everything but Razor Hail is at level 5, and I only seem to get a Razor Hail drop every couple weeks, despite playing on mostly higher difficulties.

I recently started playing Lizzie, and all I need are some purple cards, and again, the ones I need rarely drop.

Playing 2 hours of Horde, and not getting ANYTHING (yes, caps) that helps you is a depressing feeling. I’ve recently finished matches and asked myself why I’m even wasting my time playing Gears.

In Gears 4, when you finished a match, you at least could scrap cards that you didn’t need, or want, so you came out of every match with something valuable. It may not have been large, but it felt like a reward. In Gears 5, you get nothing (couldn’t care less about re-ups, since there is no reward for them either). Unless you can scrap cards, getting a card that you will never use just feels like an insult (“here’s your 87th Score Boost card!”).

So I’ll mess around a bit this weekend for the double XP, but they may lose me after that. Not whining or upset, just realizing that without feeling like each match, wave, etc. is moving me towards some goal, I’d rather move on to other games. Have actually been playing some Rage 2 this week, and it’s fun. It’s been nice to build a character’s skills, and to know exactly what to do to keep improving them.

Adding a 6th level would be fine, but unless they also add the ability to scrap cards, we’d be in the same place; waiting on rare, random drops of specific cards that you’d almost never get. That’s not fun. And while the game modes are somewhat fun by themselves, there are lots of other games that I’d have just as much fun playing, and where I could play through new stories or develop new characters.

Maybe I’m the only one with these thoughts.

Gears 5 IS a waste of time. In an era where games only want you to play that one game, Gears does not satisfy in any capacity. There are far better games who do the whole “grind like it’s a job” feature better too

The only thing Gears 5 encourages you to do is browse the store where TC is pumping out content like crazy, in the form of cheap-a55 trinkets like banners.

I’m a firm believer that developers should be forced to play their own games on the regular for about 6h and with the rest of the world, connecting to bugged out, POS servers and dealing with all the crap everyone else has to. No hiding in a LAN party at the studio where everything works like it’s supposed to.

That’s the problem. TC doesn’t play their own game and can’t experince their own work first hand so they don’t know.



I have the same feeling with Escape.

I’d like to enjoy advanced levels because they are challenging but the ludicrous grinding and the poor chances to get rare cards makes it boring.

Always the same maps over and over again in hope you will get something usefull …