How TC can Improve the Skillgap for Gears Of War

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Tbh it was never about skill because of the aim adhesion and hyper stick twiddling

“I agree with everything you said… but you killed my mother” :joy:

Another thing I want to add to this is just how easy it is to hear footsteps, makes flanking almost impossible.

I think most people do agree that the majority of maps are trash (or to be nicer to TC uncompetitive) but my common sense tells me that its not a matter of them “dropping the ball” moreso them intentionally designing them to be awful. Pahanu is a perfect example of this, they saw how lancer dominant the game is they then decided to release the most lancer dominant map in the history of Gears (I need to make my own YT video about that trash map)

Some of the stuff you mentioned is probably impossible to fix in Gears 5 (the hitmarkers and the hiding) but they could have a solution in Gears 6 possibly.

I also :pray: they don’t force PC players and console players to play against one another, because it would essentially make the ranks worthless (which they already sorta are) and I envision every 5 stack getting as many PC players as possible on its roster to get an advantage. If TC force crossplay I’ll just move on to other games (though I would still play horde on occasions of course)

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