How often do xp boosts events happen?

was thinking about buying some iron for xp/double star boosts
I have been playing a lot again recently

I’ve only been around for like two of them I think so I’m not sure.

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Boost always gives double stars (this changed a few Operations ago)

As for the extra exp, this is the first event we had since OP2.


thanks for info!

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No worries mate :slight_smile:


I really liked the 4x XP. They should offer a mega boost that would give 4x XP. I would buy a boost like that.


While I wouldn’t discard it as an option, I’d never pay for it. All it creates is an excuse for TC to add higher re-up achievements and suckers willing to pay to get there faster, it adds nothing of value to the game but psychological manipulation for people with OCD.

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