How much time have you invested into Gears 5?

90 days, 8 hours.

I know someone with more time but they don’t post frequently here.


2 much time for a crappy gears game that gets worse.


45 days of ranked only.

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42 days over all modes, 30 days in escape🤷‍♂️

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Less than half a day, and it will stay that way
TC have killed the franchise with this one .

If you ask for feed back from a Beta then totally ignore what your told what do you expect
I play more 1-4 and judgement ( and thats bad) than 5

I wish I could tell. After they removed escalation and execution it deleted my time played

24 days horde, 5 days versus, 1 day escape

0 on escape, 0 on versus and 0 on horde.


Not as much as 4. I ha e like 120 days played on 4 lmao and probably like 6 on 5

Around 26 days according to in game stats, Have been here since day 1, was expecting more tbh

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41 days in all modes

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Too embarrassing to type out.

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Morning fellow Gears
My time is:
Campaign (completed) 19h
Versus: 10 days, 4H
Escape: 1D 10H
Horde: 3D 6H
Total = 15+

This is the least amount of time I have spent on any Gears in the opening (almost) year by a huge margin! and that includes J, most of my time on that was Overrun though.

I’m really struggling to have fun with 5. I think I have played about 5 matches in it (all koth) in around the last month.
My connection is terrible with 5, and I have no idea why. It really affects my movement, TTK etc. I just end up dejected and frustrated after another woeful performance.

Just checked Gears 4 War Journal and that sits at 122 days, albeit the game is 4 years old of course.

Previous Gears, who knows. I still play 3 several times a week, I would think over 150-200 days on that at least.

I’m pretty close to your numbers minus Versus by a long shot.

Pshhhhh not enough. The game changed and keeps changing. #RIP Execution. #TOP 10 #StopAssistingMyShots

According to my stats:

Campaign - 1 day, 2 hours and 18 minutes

Versus - 17 hours and 38 minutes (although I am absolutely certain that these stats are incorrect because they total the current existing modes and don’t include say, Guardian or Escalation. It also says I have zero time on FFA, which isn’t true)

Escape - 24 days, 7 hours and 18 minutes

Horde - 32 days, 3 hours and 53 minutes

Horde Frenzy - 3 hours and 42 minutes