How much time have you invested into Gears 5?

After seeing that thread for who is the biggest legend in the community and seeing those levels, I figured hey, why not have a thread on how much time you put into Gears 5. It can be across the board for the whole game. Personally for me, I really have no clue. I am guessing I have maybe 5 days played if that.


@Ektope You got this.


Well? Come on Ghost, you have at least 15 days played I bet? Perhaps 25?


Need to get to my PC machine to take a screenshot of the time played section.

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I tried looking on but i can;t find mine. I know you can look at the stats page on console and find it. Not sure why it’s difficult to show online/app

He should have way more than that as I started playing in OP3 and have 16 days played just in horde and escape.

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Oh yes certainly.

41 :slight_smile:


Make up your darn mind!

43 (this includes campaign, horde, versus and escape and partial days totalled up).


Go to stats; there’s a time played-field for each mode.

I will check when i get home…

For GoW4 i have about 63 days versus and about 25 of horde… The G5 proportions will be VERY different :grin:

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Oh no I know. I wanted to check from my phone but the app/website does not give me that info.

I did the campaign on easy, collected all collectibles (still didn’t get that achievement cause it was glitchy) and never played it again.

Playing that boring campaign felt like it was a week, even though it’s short.

So I would say… too much time invested.

I’ve spent WAY TOO MUCH time on Gears; and it gets even worse when I divert to here while I wait for code to compile or servers to restart.
I need an intervention and some therapy.

According to my stats I have invested 52 days in this game. I honestly thought the number would be higher but I guess not. Thats inclused Campaign, Escape and Horde. I will be shocked if @Ektope isnt the over all winner here.

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I have a few friends on my list that play nothing else but the newest installment of Gears. All I see is HORDE HORDE HORDE being played by a few of them and I know they have most likely 100 days+ played.

Woh! I mean While I do play daily I spread it out a bit and move to other games like "cough"Gears of war 2 and 3 “cough” I might have an addiction problem when it comes to gears lol

Unrelated side note. I have to do the campaign in Co-Op now that I noticed I havent done Co-op Insane :frowning: Damn this thread I thought I was done with Campaign lol.

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I was playing every day without fail until they removed TDM then my console didnt even get turned on.

The answer to your question is on stats is 4 days but having removed TDM I’m assuming that will go up massively when back.

I mean versus has clocked 1 day 11h. I got masters so that’s hardly going too be right.


Given the current state of it, too much time.

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