How much Iron did you have when you started playing?

Just out of curiosity. I myself had 500 Iron when I first booted the game. Some of my friends also had 500. Then there’s many friends who had 750* Iron right at the start, but one friend had only 250.

All of these friends played the game on launch and have the Ultimate version of the game and I’m pretty sure all of them had more hours clocked in at Gears 4 than me.

There must be some information I am missing about the Iron when starting the game, so if anyone can explain me why the Iron currency varies between players at the start I’d be very grateful.


EDIT: * Changed 700 to 750. Memory sucks haha.

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Anybody else?

I started with 500 as well.


I had 0. Did you buy it or…

750 Iron. It was from the Ultimate Game Pass, Pre-Order bonus, and GOW challenges. I have not and will not buy Iron. I am going to get more soon from the TOD rewards. Not spending it until they actually offer a character for Iron and not a skin of one.

Started with 500 Iron
I did the GOW4 Challenge
Played Early with ultimate gamepass
and Pre Ordered with walmart and Game Pass Ultimate technically
I mean that should cause me to get 500 right?
I see some got 750 somehow but idk

Started with 750. (Could have been 700 since others mentioned that number but I for whatever reason have 750 in my mind) Game pass ultimate

I got it on game pass ultimate but started with 0 and still have 0 :man_shrugging:t2:

500 from UE & 250 from the Road to Gears 5 achievement #7 - Hero Banner (reach lvl10 in multiplayer).


yea i started at 750 down to 710 when we had the double stars up other then that not using it on nothing i have seen yet.

Had 750 and haven’t earned a single unit since then launch.

I am an offline player so 0 …:lying_face:

I started with 500 iron.

I started with 250 using game pass ultimate .

Oh so that’s how it works! Or should have worked. I never got my 250 from reaching lvl 10 in Gears 4. Same with many of my friends.

Also why didn’t one of my friends get anything from getting the Ultimate Edition? So inconsistent.

Yeah, it seems The Coalition just can’t help but put rng into everything they do. Even the bugs are random.
Like the only thing that IS guaranteed is incompetence.

Sorry to hear you & your buddies didn’t get your rightful ‘rewards’.
Coincidence that it happened to be the thing that costs real money? I have my doubts.