How much does burn damage do?

Wondering if the card is useful to do extra burn damage
Specifically for master horde frenzy, the only card i would replace it with would be the damage resistance card if ultimate is charged

It would be for a shooting build, a hybrid or a tackle build

The context I’ve used Pyromaniac is for escape and I find it useful if you didn’t want to use the tackle build or if you wanted to use a hybrid build of some sort.

It is useful with Play with Fire and Scorcher Mastery.


How much damage? I’ll tell you. If you’re the all-powerful, exceedingly handsome, megaburning Strikaz then using a Scorcher with a dose of swapping trickery shall grant thee…

Until your stick breaks.

I’m fairly sure that burn damage is just 50 and Pyromaniac brings that up to 100.

What Ektope said - you need to use Pyromaniac with Play with Fire and Scorcher Mastery for maximum results.

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Don’t be silly! My stick never breaks. It’s finely crafted out of Beskar. This is the way.

Oh k so since burn damage is usually only applied to active rifles its a lot less burn damage compared to Bd damage from GL, Boom, Torque, Boltok since they do a lot more initial damage, aside from the scorcher of course

Even though its not a huge damage dealer, its still fun though when the burning enemies explode

Hell yeah it is.

A good modifier to watch out for is Long Range Gambit. Ranged Brawler absolutely wrecks on that and honestly if you can get a group of enemies together it can cause a chain reaction, and it’s honestly so much fun lol.

Base sustained burn damage is 50 per second and I feel 250 per second.

Flame grenade, flamethrower, level 4 barrier, ignition damage is 50~50~50

Building damage upgrades for mechanics, roboticists, and architects cannot be upgraded to fire Sustained damage

Most class damage upgrades do not work against flame grenades

The slugger’s grenade damage, area bonus cards, and fire, shock, and flash grenades are useless.

I don’t know why, but it just happened…