How much cxp do you get per wave per difficulty?

I cant seem to find information about this, all I see online is boosting methods and “Fastest CXP per hour” blah blah.

I want to lvl up my Jack. Hes a lvl 7, 66200 cxp from lvl 15. I just did waves 1-20 on Insane and got 3100 cxp. All my other classes are 15+. Does anyone have any number values or approximates? I know higher difficulties give more, and I know the latter waves give more but no values or anything else.


If you have boost this is the number of frenzy runs you would need to do, not factoring in ally exp nor daily bonus exp.

32 Beginner
25 Int
19 Exp
13 Adv
11 Elite
9 Ins
7 Inc
6 Master

Note these values are rounded.


Can I ask how you know this? What numbers did you use? Thanks for the info btw :slight_smile:

I tested exp for each frenzy run with a lot of data from freinds I was playing with to work out what multiplier you get for each difficulty, and also to work out why the daily bonus exp was giving tons extra (which I did work out the day before it was changed to a flat amount).

Here is my working

Frenzy Non boosted Boosted Beg Multi
Beginner 1044 2088 1.00
Int 1309 2617 1.25
Exp 1718 3436 1.65
Adv 2613 5226 2.50
Elite 3132 6264 3.00
Ins 3657 7313 3.50
Inc 4700 9400 4.50
Master 5220 10440 5.00

Values were reverse engineered and has ally exp taken off, so actual amount may be a couple of exp off.

Ribbons, MVP status etc doesn’t impact on character exp.


This is perfect, thank you!

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No worries, happy to help :slight_smile:

Ally xp effects CXP?
Been looking for an answer on this forever and not something I can solo test.

Yes it does, but isnt impacted by boost.

Is it faster to do Horde Frenzies back to back for cxp or 1-50s?

I showed this to a friend and hes saying he wants to do 1-50s as he believes it gets more cxp

I don’t know sorry, only tested frenzy.

No problem :slight_smile:

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