How many XP we gain

Where can I find out how much mob brings experience if playing on the last difficulty with an ironman it is very important to know this aspect, do they give experience for additional drop. Maybe someone knows where it can be found in the game files? Thanks

Read this and your answer will be revealed young Padawan.

Tactics. Not Gears 5.

I don’t think there is a solid answer to this question yet. XP gained by a character in Tactics seem to be largely dependent on damage done to enemies and/or kills.


I don’t think so.
I got 150+ kills on a main mission control point and didn’t get a single level-up.
My guess is that there’ a fixed amount of experience by mission.

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It could be true but I found that if I had a Sniper or Scout unit doing a lot of work while the others didn’t contribute as much, those would tend to level up faster than the others. A tendency I observed throughout my 3 playthroughs… of which I still haven’t finished the third.