How many weeks in OP 7?

I swear it used to say something like 11 weeks, then drop 2 came out and it went to 13 weeks, Then all of a sudden now seems to be 10 weeks. I want to know because I’m wondering if I should buy certain items from the seasonal store.

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I think that 11 weeks is the correct number, @TC_Shauny can you confirm?

Technically it is, however the Operation is saying 10 weeks because it ends at

Week 10, Day 6, Hour 23, Minute 59.

Does that clarify this? :smiley:


Ah thanks for the confirmation.

Are you sure it only being 10 weeks long? Yes I know who i am asking :joy: just curious because we are currently on week 8 with the Sharpshooter Mykaila… Week 9 should be Pilot Tak for Iron and Mykaila for coins… Week 10 then is usually just for purchasing ALL Operation skins for coins…

That leaves the Heavy Armor characters out… Unless they are also launched next week :thinking:.

And also the official picture says “June 29 - August 2”. If my calculations are correct Week 10 ends in July 27, not August 2nd. Either the official picture of the “Operation 7 Character Skins for Drop 2” is incorrect, or this will be a 11-week long Operation, and Day 6 Hour 23 Minute 59 of week 11 (and not 10) should be the last minute of the Operation… :sweat_smile:.

Sorry if reads confusing :sob:

I coulda sworn it said 13 weeks last week. 10 popped up put of nowhere. Hasnt it always been 13? For every tour?

It is supposed to be 11 weeks. Then due to a bug it was 13 and now 10 weeks.

@AgentMikel ahhhh…thanks holmes

Thats still 10 weeks long not 11 weeks. It ending on week 10 day 6 Hour 23 Minute 59 does not make that 11 weeks long still 10 weeks long or 70 days.

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Am I correct in thinking that since it says week 11, 6 days remaining that we’ve been extended by a week?

i hope not. lmao i just want the obsidian lancer , so i can be done with this point chore.

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You gotta put an extra week of gaming in I think :sob:. Personally I’m considering trying escalation considering someone got top 100 with only like 300 games played with a negative KD and negative W/L ratio. That being said idk how long it’s gonna take to find a match so maybe another mode may be more feasible with the ease of finding matches.