How many TOD Stars for Red Speaker

Ok I made a post about the TOD Grind a couple of days ago . After all my wenching, I achieved what I wanted and that was the finish TOD and get the Red Speaker. I don’t recall how many stars it took to accomplish the task. I know that i made my run specific to what medals were going to get me the most stars. So in total , all medals in ( Basic, Weapons, Versus, Arcade) Some medals in (Ranked, Escape, HiveBusters, Horde, Heros , New Modes) again specific to what i was trying to achieve and throw in the daily objectives I would say a month of grinding to get the Red Speaker. I do not remember how many stars it took so if anyone knows please fill me in . From Private 1 all the way to General. Thanks

520, I think, or thereabouts

514, if my calculations and memories on the stars required for each rank are correct.

Thanks I could not remember the starting ones just remembered the last few