How many times do we have to post?

His many times can i pull the right trigger and nothing happen?

This is insanity, and they wonder why this game is dying so quick.


Something Something you just missed


Nothing happens at all? Is this a PvP thing? I have personally never experienced this.

Well I’ve never experienced frame rate drop but apparently, it’s a thing.


It’s happened to me hundreds of times.
I have a capture from today of the Lancer not firing but it’s constant in PVP with the Gnasher.
I have stopped playing competitive because of this problem as my K/D ratio is trashed.!Av_5CyHV6npukEHxHfF0-nQR3dCv

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Corkadoll and I were playing Horde on Abyss when she said she couldn’t see the turret firing, however on my screen it was. Perhaps it’s an Xbox thing?

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This seems to be an issue on mouse as well


I switch to another weapon and then switch back. Works every time.

yup, had this happen to me too and it always seems to be the Lancer. it’s random but usually after respawning. maybe once every 2-3 hours of playtime.

is this at least flagged as an issue?

If you are lucky enough to have the time to switch in competitive matches.
For me I would say 8 times out of 10 I am dead the second my Gnasher fails to fire.


“60% of the time it works every time.”


Noticed it quite a bit over the last few days….

Super frustrating at times.


Since the op7 happens literally everyday i play :expressionless:

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Been happening since launch. There are tons of bugs like this. You can throw a grenade but if you slide to cover or roll even after if left your hand it wont throw and it goes back into your inventory.

Also a bug where if you swap to gnasher then to smoke but press UP on the dpad twice and then throw the smoke the game will pull out the lancer instead of the gnasher