How many people will be renewing their gamepass?

I’ve been asking the community if they will be renewing their pass and the results haven’t been pretty. Will you be renewing the pass for Gears 5?

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I am. I got ultimate and automatic renewals. I like it and certainly getting my money’s worth from it. Gears 5 is certainly not a reason why I am keeping it as well.


I have 10 months of it due to the various promotions, so I won’t have the deal with renewal for a while, thankfully.

I hope gears 5 will be in a much better place by then.

There’s plenty of other great games on it too. The outer worlds releases on it tomorrow also

6 months at £22 - sure am!!!

Mine’s paid for for a while so yeah.

fine…I guess I’ll renew it…

Yeah I’m renewing, but not because of gears. Outer worlds is out soon so I’m renewing for that, NOT because of gears.

A success for ms I guess. Gamepass was not a good advert for gears, but gears was a good advert for gamepass.

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Yeah. Outer Worlds. But usually I just keep it going. Same thing with PS Now and Humble Bundle. I have this reoccurring dream of drowning in my backlog of games, so I’ll do about anything to make that into a reality. Currently I just stare at my growing pile of titles, consider playing something, then realize it would take too much work to decide on something and just watch a movie instead.

For some reason this forum thinks Gears 5 is the only game provided on the game pass. Definitely recommend everyone looking at all the games actually included in the game pass.


Gears 5 was basically an incentive to get the Ultimate Gamepass. It is still cheaper to go back to Game Pass and get the yearly Gold but you’re saving what, 10-20 at most? I am happy with the Ultimate and it has paid for itself already with a few games I have played so I am fine with it.

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Ill stick with the ultimate to be honest. The amount of games coming out for the gamepass will keep you busy constantly. Not to mention it looks like better and newer titles are more likely to be thrown into the mix like Outer Worlds.

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Does anyone one here really know how to search anything? Ive seen this topic multiple times now


Obviously not.

Until you said this, I didn’t even know this was a new post. I just assumed it was the one that’s been around weeks.

Bad OP. Sassy.

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I really find it amazing that people will use Google anytime they need to know something but cant use a simple search feature or realize when they are creating a topic there is literally something to the right of your typing that comes up with similar topics.

Na thats too much. I gotta create my own so I can be at the top

@Evil_Dereck Its insane. People dont realize if they want to get a point across to keep it in 1 thread so the Devs see that its a hot topic

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It is a hundred thousand times worse on reddit. People will make a new post every two minutes about something that is a sticky.

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I know that why Ive unsubscribes to a lot of subreddits

I won’t. The main reason was to play the tech test and a guarantee to play the game at launch, for just one euro. I would have kept game pass if it was released more than 10 years ago.

Bold of you to assume the Devs even visit the forums.

Bold to assume they dont. Just because they dont respond doesnt mean they arent reading. Also the mods can send them the thread and say look this is a hot topic