How many people left GEARS because of the Achievements?

This topic was created as an experiment, we all know that TC make inadequate achievements in the GEARS series, thereby forcing people for whom this content is not indifferent to spend tons of time on a stupid boost, all requests to stop doing stupid tasks for players are ignored and the only way out situations simply do not play in subsequent games in the series.

But just not playing the games of the series is not enough, our task as a community of achievement hunters is to convey the reason to the developers and that is why this topic was created.

Some of my friends left the series after 3-4 parts, and some did not even start the series because they are aware of the insanely long and tedious achievements. But no one knows about them and about other players who made a similar decision - this must be corrected.

show the developers how many real players have passed the checkout because of stupid and tedious achievements, put likes and write + in the comments, as well as indicate the part after which you stopped playing the games of this series, perhaps this topic will make the developers think and no longer accept such absurd decisions in subsequent parts. I also ask you to notify your friends who have passed the series for the above reasons.

do not write those who are not interested in such content as achievements, you vryatli spent or will spend 1000 plus hours in this series, I am glad that you are not burdened with the problems of closing games by 100%

at the time of creating the theme, I played Gears 5 for 2218 hours and I still need a lot of time to finish it:
reaching help 50,000 -
achieving damage 100000000 -68%
achievement kill 100000 -68%
according to my calculations, I still lack 64 hours of stupid boost. Even if this topic does not recruit enough people for the developers to reconsider their policy on achievements, this is definitely the last game in the series that I will close 100%. But I still believe that we are able to change their attitude to this content and in the subsequent parts of such errors will not will.


The Gears franchise is known for the “Seriously” achievements which ultimately demand a huge grind, usually of the entire game. Starting with “just” 10k kills in Versus (in fact, tied to one game-mode because it was bugged), expanding to 100k overall kills and eventually reaching the pinnacle with 65 Onyx medals (out of a possible like 66 or 67 if you’re not a dev).
I believe Seriously 3.0 even broke a record for being the achievement that takes the longest to obtain. I’ve read somewhen in the past that it takes roughly 2 years if you play 4h a day.

Back in the days I was WAY more addicted to completing a game with its achievements, hence went for that one as well and somewhat even enjoyed it.

Nowadays, things have changed. There’s way more games out there and the developers of this game also “changed”. The newer Gears games have more than just the “Seriously” achievements that involve a grind which put me off a bit. Gears 5 now even has achievements that take longer than the Seriously achievements to complete which seriously put me off.

I decided simply not to go for the Versus achievements because I hate the PvP in Gears 5. I’m not even willing to put the effort into grinding in private matches, that’s how much I hate PvP.

I’d probably say that nowadays, achievements just generally have no longer such a weight as they used to do in the past, hence making such grindy achievements won’t really have that many people stick to the game longer than it used to do.


this is all clear, many did not bother with obtaining these achievements, but as I wrote above, the point is not not to not receive them, but to convey to the developers that part of the audience who are aimed at 100% completion of the games will not play into their games because of such stupid accomplishments. The developer must understand the absurdity of these tasks and exclude such things in the future. What’s the point of making achievements that most of the players will simply ignore, and the other, more conservative like me, just won’t buy their game?

I can “accept” grindy achievements, I’ll not stop playing Gears because some achievements are grindy/ difficult to unlock or not.

What I don’t accept is how TC manage(d) the issue with achievements that don’t unlock when you met the requirements or the issue with tracking and getting a certain % stuck for days/months. Gears 5 is the last main Gears and they didn’t show any interest in fixing or solving the problem (Also for Gears Tactics). TC created those grindy achievements expecting players to sink hours and hours trying to unlocking them, but they aren’t interested at all in fixing them even when some of the player base play for achievements.

I don’t like also that Seriously is just “another” grindy achievement. The idea of Seriously is that you really put time and effort for that achievement. Now I unlocked Seriously months ago but I still need to waste a lot of time for the versus achievements


Don’t forget that despite TC claiming that the requirements for Seriously 5.0 part 2 were to master all Horde maps on 50 and Frenzy, when it came out, you only had to do one of both. Not that I’m complaining since I despise doing the boring 50 wave runs for some time now.

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I do think there are a few people who have left the game because of achievements. There are achievement hunters who won’t touch this franchise because of the achievement lists.

My main problem with achievements in Gears is that they mainly are just grind X hours and you will get Y achievement. I don’t mind grindy achievements, I just think there are way too many. It just encourages a community that wants to be efficient and doesn’t try something different.

Seriously has always been a grindy achievement, but that’s why I kinda liked Seriously 3.0. Yes it was grindy, but you did different stuff, kills with certain weapons, playing as certain characters, playing Horde and Beast etc.

I like those difficulty achievements, like Mastering a hive without shooting a bullet, for example, I think they are missing. I just think it’s a missed opportunity from TC.

Whilst I wouldn’t leave the game because of the achievements, I do think it affects the populations behaviour and it can push people away from buying a game at all.


I’ve just come to terms that I won’t be able to 100% Gears 5. Ten years ago, it might have annoyed me, but now, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Quitting a good game entirely based solely on the achievements?

I don’t have anywhere as near as much time as I had before during the original trilogy where I was borderline obsessed with achievements, getting 1000G in everything unless it had more.

Things are different now but it in no way hinders my mentality towards the achievements. While I will agree Gears 5’s achievements are grindy, it’s more so the fact that the requirements are bland. They’re not interesting. I’m fast approaching Seriously 5.0 Pt 2 but I’m dreading then rounding up the remaining 50,000 Versus Assists. That’ll take a long time and I do have other games lined up behind Gears.

Regardless, I will always be a fan of this series. My passion for it, specifically our glorious Queen, will always keep me here. Achievements won’t change that. If your friends throw in the towel based on the achievements alone then they don’t belong here. It’s as simple as that.

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The only achievements I think that are actually silly in terms of the requirements are the 100,000 versus kills and 100 million versus damage. I dont even think the people who like versus have those achievements. And the assists for versus. Im not a support player in versus. Im out killing with the Gnasher and Sniper. I may as well not even spawn with a Lancer because I don’t use it. 50k assists is an absurd amount lol

But luckily I’m not really an achievements kind of gamer. I get Seriously and I do the actual difficult achievements the legit way.

I do wish there was an achievement for soloing an escape hive on master. That would’ve been really cool.

in fact, in this topic there is no place for you and for people like you, everything suits you - pass by. The same applies to everyone else who thinks that 3.0 is serious, a normal achievement, or, even funnier, a difficult achievement)))

Once again, I emphasize here you do not need to write to those who are happy with everything or about what you don’t like, but you will still stay, if you want to help this topic, then bring friends who share the above position

After completing Gears 5 100%, I can say one thing is for certain:

These achievements were meant to keep people playing Gears 5 for longer, and this did the ABSOLUTE opposite for me. I spent a massive chunk of my time boosting reup levels, boosting multiplayer kills, boosting character XP, etc. None of that time was spent “playing” the game as they intended.

I have not played at all since I completed this game. The grind burnt me out so much that I don’t even want to play the game normally. I missed out on so much. I would’ve loved to take part in the master solo hive challenge, or to have played more PvE and PvP in general. But, the mixture of this stupid amount of grinding with what little time I had, prevented me from having any fun at all. I don’t plan on playing Gears 5 ever again.

In the end, did these achievements keep me around for 2 years? Yeah, I guess. Congrats, TC. But if it weren’t for the achievements, I would’ve played this game until Gears 6.

To add insult to injury, because I was spending so much of my free time grinding Gears 5, I did not purchase Gears Tactics, nor do I ever plan on doing so.


I’m a big fan of collecting achievements, and as gears being my favorite franchise, I always liked collecting achievements from those games.

I wouldn’t say that I left solely because of the achievements but they are a factor I’d say, I’m naturally a big pvp fan but 5s pvp is horrendous and I don’t want to put forth the effort to get some pvp achievements. I’m not entitled to earning them of course but due to personal problems with the game, I dont want to do it.

I’ve reached burnout with 5, and I also dont desire to go back and play 5 anyways, I can safely cross gears 5 off of my 100% list. Maybe I’ll try in gears 6.


I’m still waiting to finish Gears 5 for playing Tactics.

6 months of non stop grinding Gears POP! before servers closure took a toll on me. I’m getting cards and level up clases but at a slower pace. 2 years playing 99% of my free time on Xbox Gears 5, and I’m feeling the burnout.


Don’t even get me started on Gears POP! Lol

Sounds like you and I are in a very similar boat. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s thousands of others.


always amazed at people who like to get achievements in gears)) because they are not difficult and not interesting. the same damn 3.0 - 3000 matches in 6 modes to be stunned, how interesting))) 600 tapes quiet one just sitting in the shelter 600 matches not well, this is already a skill ahahah)))
Your story is certainly excellent, but alas, it has nothing to do with the topic, but it is quite acceptable for this topic: OP4 achievements are a joke - 100k kills, 50k assists, reup 40? Time to uninstall - #339 by Piyi_Piyi

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While I didn’t leave the game, I just stopped bothering with the ridiculous achievements in this game. I do my best to get as much out of a game as possible, including achievements, but these are just meh I can do without and some of them are actually stuck anyway lol. Ever the day comes when an achievement is the deciding factor of my time on a game then I will hang my controller up and walk away lol.

While I get the achievement hunting side of gaming because I love to unlock them as well, I have to say if a game’s achievements are the deciding force behind staying or leaving, then perhaps it’s time to rethink a few things. Also, those who left because of the achievements are most likely gone from the forums altogether because without the game there is not much to stick around for lol.

This may not fall in line with you want in this topic, but this is a forum and anyone’s opinions on this topic is acceptable once it does not cross a line here and there lol.

Anyway, that’s my 2 little cents … go away now!


9 PVP (8 PvP plus Re-up 60) achievements to go and I’ve been grinding kills and damage for a couple of weeks now and almost finished.

I don’t see a path to achieving most of the others.

The burn out is real.


Just as an aside, I salute anyone who gets all the achievements in this game. Its a long, long grind with not a lot of reward.

Anyone who does that is incredibly dedicated to this game and franchise, and should be recognised more than they are.


if anyone wants to conquer then play indie games

I couldn’t care less. I will write what I want and I do not need to bring “friends” for backup either. Should my point counter yours that’s just unfortunate for you. But it’s also what causes a debate, such is the purpose of forums.