How many Operations left?

The Stars know ?

That is a sad truth these days. I was a lucky one for CB 2077 only encountered one game breaking bug so far.
It was luckily easily solved by replaying about 10 minutes.

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I can’t tell how successful it was, but I will give a bit of credit to whoever was responsible for it. They made it pretty clear it was foremost meant as a tech demo. I do like honesty.

I think operations will continue until Gears 6, but at some point will be basically just ranking reset and some skins.

I don’t expect any new mode or classes and 2021 will be the last year with new maps.

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Hopefully we’ll get a few more Operations with at least consisting of Bernie, Hoffman and the Savage Locust. I would be really, really surprised if these characters didn’t come within the games life cycle. All I saw in Gears 3 and Gears 4 was players running around as the Savage Kantus.

In regards to the Marcus Fenix Collection, I think every Gears fan would love to see that. I know with the Ultimate Edition remake they included characters from every Gears game like Savage Kantus, Locust Hunter, Kantus etc. If they remade Gears 2 and Gears 3, I just hope they would keep the roster what they originally came with. Wouldn’t feel right in Gears 2 to have Kait and JD running around for example.

Can’t see TC giving up on the Gears franchise at all.

If they had not launched GOW 5 with so much stupid crap, and the judgement 2.0 changes no one wanted they would be in a much better place right now.

TC should never have screwed with the stuff people liked and because they did a ton of people dropped the game 1 maybe 2 months after launch.

People are returning now but the fans would not have left in the first place had the game launched without the garbage.


I don’t think there’s a single person who wants to see anything from the new trilogy added to MFC. I don’t mind JD and Kait, but they belong in the current crop of games.


Mkay, my theory is that they’ll make it Free-to-play (like Halo Infinite) and that it’ll have a much longer lifespan compared to other Gears titles, so 5+ years easily. Its not so much them giving up Gears but just a shift.

I am a Gears fan but don’t want to see a Marcus Fenix collection :grimacing:


Be at least two more going off the gears life cycle

Here’s hoping Gears OF WAR 6 is something special from the off. For starters they need to bring that scary, gritty mood back and certainly up the gore,


I’d like to think we go to an Operation 9-10 at least! The game regarding content is just starting to get up a bit.

I’d rather Gears 6 be another 2-3 years away in my opinion to to hopefully a avoid a train wreck release just like 5 was. I don’t think anyone of us want to remember what the game was like then.

I’m not saying keep pushing content for 5 for another 2-3 years because the content cycle will have to end down the road at some point.

But they really need to take their time on the marketing and development for Gears 6 so it doesn’t flop or betray peoples loyalty like 5’s release did for most players. It needs to be a smooth ride.



My confidence in TC is gone, sorry bro.

Love the franchise, don’t like the developer.


Yay, more live service, bug ridden drip feeding rubbish with free to play model that just stops working when support ends… doesn’t sound like a very good idea/belief to me. Or perhaps I’m too pessimistic with how I would see it turn out, but with the way things are going, I wouldn’t be fond of that idea.


Completely understandable. The “blasphemy” comment was more of a joke than anything… like, “how dare you talk bad about the OG trilogy” kind of thing.

In this current operation, I’ve had some of my faith restored, but it’s gonna take a looong time and a lot of work to win me back over. I know that TC mess up more stuff than they fix, but at least with a remaster, they do pretty good work. They have great artists who do a wonderful job at remaking maps, environments, etc… which gow1 UE turned out great, but once they start messing with tuning, or even in the case of UE where they decided to change that “gotta be online” bs, that kind of stuff worries me about a remake or remaster. If they just kept gears 2-3 tuning and everything as it was (even the underpowered lancer in 2 or the op sawed off in 3) and just created better looking assets… I’d be all for it, but I also worry that they’d change things, like make them always online or change private matches, add/remove features and weapons… and we never know what crazy stuff they might think up til it’s too late.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts but I hear ya… a lot of faith in TC is gone. The one thing I keep telling myself is that since Rod F is gone (and other key ppl after him), the game/franchise isn’t being forced into this narrow place where only stuff Rod wanted gets added/changed. He was good for gears when him and cliffy b worked together on it way back, but that’s cause they balanced each other out. He had a lot of bad ideas that cliffy put him in check, but once he had free reign, we got some of the worst ideas to date in the franchise that’s still being worked on and removed.

Anyway, all that aside… I get where you’re coming from. I’m hesitant on trusting TC to stay true to the OG trilogy and not change stuff, but I think if they stuck to not messing with any of the old formulas, we could very well get 2 amazing games out of them. Do we want to take that chance… that’s the question.

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Well, as an achievement completionist they totally lost me for future Gears games.

I’ll stick to the comics and books after Gears 5 :wink:

And for the MFC, I had a great time back then when I played those games and I want to look forward to new other games, so the MFC won’t be a thing for me, but I do understand that most people do want the MFC.

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Quick question.

I count only 27 maps for horde.

Is there another map coming this operation?

The Gears 5 stats page shows 28 maps.

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the odd thing about most games nowadays is that they have a F2P model but aren’t F2P…

Gears of War as an intellectual property isn’t anything so special that MS would want to make a dozen of them (ala Final Fantasy or something) so I think that its inevitable that Gears will go that direction… Not to mention Gears of War has some really meh lore/worldbuilding so its not like they ever had great demand for its Single-Player to begin with. One Gears to rule them all lol.

Now that MS owns Bethesda the value of IP’s like Halo/Gears go down the drain in their eyes, to illustrate what I’m saying Skyrim SE is #20 on XBL charts, and Gears 5 is #38, so basically they would make far more money long term if they just stopped making Halo/Gears titles and switched everything to creating Bethesda universe content. Gears of War (as a franchise) isn’t remotely as popular as it once was, MS knows this, series is reaching its end unless they come out with some crazy innovative title that revolutionizes the industry (doubt it).

Edit: Halo is (always was) far more popular than Gears, and even then its still going F2P.

@Slipping_Flames it probably counts War Room or something :thinking:

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Probably :+1:.

I think we are headed for the game pass model where all games have battle pass type models.

Gold will disappear. Ultimate or just game pass will be the only option. Then you can pay reoccurring costs to get cosmetics and other rewards.

They get more money out of you in the long run.

5 years may be too long, but 3-4 year life for sure.

Battle pass lasts 2-3 months at around $10-20. Much more economically viable.

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Lifespan of any game is a matter of how much interest it generates, as of now nobody knows how popular a F2P Gears title but my suspicion is that it would still be fairly popular, so 20-30k players consistently over a few years, the issue with going into F2P is also the biggest benefit and that’s competing with games like Fortnite or Apex Legends and so on for players, but common sense would say that it could only go up.

the good thing is that devs just get more incentive to actually make the game great, because ultimately if they make it great it’ll get more players whereas if you release a $60 title and it just ends up being dead that’s a much larger hit, if a game isn’t extremely popular and is F2P simple solution is to just improve it or add to it and players will come.

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