How many Operations left?

How many Operations do we think TC will continue with Gears 5?

Only reason I ask is I saw someone apparently heard in a live stream that there’s only two Operations left? I know it’s only rumours, however, I’m thinking if that’s the case then the leaked content we all saw the other day will cover the next two Operations?

If that’s the case we are still missing fan favourites like Hoffman, Bernie, Savage Locust, Locust Hunter and the Locust Miner.

What does anyone else think?

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Well, we are not far off from the end of the game’s content cycle. Operation 6 is slated to come out in early March if the in-game calendar is to be believed. That’s going to be 18 months after launch. If that Operation is another 15 weeks, we are looking at mid June 2021 for Operation 7. At that point, most people will have moved on (if they haven’t done so already).

I could believe them if there were 2 more after this. A majority of the skins leaked are likely to be in this operation or the beginning of the next, so there is still a chance for those skins you’ve mentioned to make their appearance.

If TC are planning on bringing their next project in 2022, whatever that is, then they can’t really put too much more effort into Gears 5.


I would like to think all the way up to Ops 10 by years end and that’s it. Then, they will put more people into Gears 6.


The leaked content could cover the next two Operations, although if that’s the case I’m slightly confused as to why Bernie was originally show before Operation 1 launched but still hadn’t made an appearance in the game yet?

Photo makes sense because we know Civilian Anya is coming very soon.

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I don’t expect any more than 2, especially with the ‘death’ of Escape mode with this current operation.


My guess is two more.

Bernie a fan favorite? Yeah like all the other fan favs I never see anyone play. :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re are wasted because a lot of players just seem to rush to characters with those strange hit boxes. For the Swarm side, the Terminator skins are a prime example.

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There’s no way they’re not releasing Hoffman. He’s in the DLC.


Any chance this game would last for three more years (Till 2023?)

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Well that’s what I was thinking, then I heard these rumours about there’s only 2 Operations left and Hoffman wasn’t amongst all those characters that got leaked either? :thinking::thinking:

Not too sure, I would think and hope for full support in 2021, the game is only 16 odd months old at this point after all and then 90% of work will go into Gears 6.

What would be great is a 12 month road map, so we know what to expect and get “up” for.


Well… Dana loves talking about future contents! :smirk::smirk::smirk:

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I don’t think so, certainly not for me. Most will move on sometime next year. PvE is in a place where most people can enjoy it somewhat, and I would fear for Escape if no new tiles or hives were to be added in the next 2/3 years.

They would also have to plan and release a lot of content to keep people playing, even at this point.

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Well people have come back with operation 5 so there could be some hope but yeah the game turned off many people due to stupid changes.

It should not have taken a full year to course correct.

I think there might be more support then GOW 4 since they claimed that they would be supporting it long term, and we know GOW 6 will not be out anytime soon.


Yea idk about that one. We just got halfway thru this op and we’re still missing hollowstorm Clayton. We just got the lambent characters. Half the stuff TC advertised at the start of op5 are still being drip fed to us (when it seemed like it’d start out with all this content already). The way they’re going so slow (and have gone slower in the past), there’s no way we’ll see even half those leaked characters by the end of op6.

I bet the leaked stuff is what they have planned for the whole year of 2021 and there’s no way they’ll get all that content out in the time frame you said. We won’t see more than hollowstorm Clayton for the rest of this op.

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That sucks.

We can never get a ready to play game at launch.

I’d prefer it if we get two more Ops and then announce the Marcus Fenix Collection for Winter 2021. 4K, 120fps, ray tracing, new textures and character models, no camera shaking ever. I would literally never need to play another game for the rest of this generation.


Considering that UE wasn’t very successful the idea of them remaking Gears 2/3 is highly unlikely. Only reason 343i/Microsoft deciding to create MCC was because they saw demand from CEA.

to OP: its difficult to ascertain. If you believe (as do I) that Gears 6 will be a massive free-to-play type game the chances of them releasing it anytime soon is unlikely, if you think Gears 6 is going to be sorta of like how Gears 4/5 were then 2022 is when they’ll come out with it. If we do see a Gears title in 2022 it will most likely be a spinoff title, Brash Brigade is most obvious.

So to summarize Gears 5 at most could see another 2 or 3 but it all depends on how fast they’ll release another Gears game, now Gears 6 is almost guaranteed to be TC’s last Gears game and so I would hope they take their time and wow us when the time is right but good ole MS will try to pressure them into releasing stuff ASAP so who knows.

Edit: regardless though expect less from future operations.

You and me both :+1:

lets base our guess on what happened with Gears 4 --> Gears 5 and use it as a loose template

  • three year dev cycle
  • map support ended 1 year after launch
  • skins were added all the way up to Gears 5 launch
  • events were supported all the way to Gears 5 launch

I expect Operations to continue but the content included will probably be scaled back by a lot. we already seen the end of Escape Tile support, No more PvE classes, Versus map editor cancellation, Versus Modes seems unlikely.

Beyond Operation 6 or 7 it’s probably only going to be character/weapon skins and all the other MTX junk that’s easy to churn out and Events.

this games troubled post launch issues really screwed the playerbase out of almost a year of robust post launch support.

it’s such a shame

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