How many operations left after gears 5 support ceases?

Has the Coalition talked about it?

Not long, they’ve killed escape and have said that there’s no more horde classes coming.

They shot themselves in the foot really by releasing hives every week and then every 2 weeks. They should have done them every 3 weeks from the start. I knew there would be no way to keep up with or even want to keep creating new hives.

They really don’t need to add horde classes and I think they could have even reduced them. It would have been better to create, for example, an engineer class that allows you to pick 5 cards from all the cards that Del, Baird and Kat have available. Instead they have taken the easiest way out.

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probably 1 or 2 more operations, so give or take 6-8 months.

The biggest question of all is whether or not it’ll end up in a great state.

Edit: Most of what is to come is maps. Gears 5 is pretty darn close to be ideal in their eyes (few things to fix, all that’s left is probably balancing and some late game rewards/experiences) so the next operation(s) will have about 5 maps each (maybe more) and won’t feel as significant to how the game is played.

Well this games no doubt got a 1.5-2 years left I’d imagine (going off that 3 year gap they roughly do) so a couple more

I’d imagine it’ll be in a very decent state content wise, well probably will after the update today for starters. Not gonna moan about how it plays cos I like it a lot, the movement just needs speeding up a tad but that’s my opinion

100% this
The combinations would’ve been amazing

They explained on the stream. To be able to keep peoples progression of their character is why there is so many classes. Plus some things would just be OP and they would be nerfing things e.g if people could combine cards and pick ultimates.

What they have done is great and i don’t think they will go back again or change it.

If you combined 3 characters into 1 class they would have to zero the progression, there is no way you could have the progression level for 3 characters into 1 and i do not think people would have preferred losing progression.

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