How many frames is Series X getting?

Checked youtube but Its all campaign stuff. Would like to know how many for PvP or PvE (mostly pvp)
Also can console players display their frames/change graphical settings? I’m hovering 110~120 on average with a 2060 with medium/ultra settings

80~90 on village, ritual and ephyra.

Versus on Ritual my frames absolutely tank on Series X. Like really bad.

Digital Foundry may have a video for Gears 5 on Series X though.

This will be an unanswered mystery for the rest of Gears 5 I think. Didn’t know console players took a hit too though, that sucks.

People were willing to die on the hill that the Series X in versus gets a solid 120 and never goes down. 14 FFA only gets 60, and I would imagine Ephyra and Village have constant frame drops.

I’ve said this in the past because tons of streamers kept repeating It. I legit believed Series X was getting 120 all around but I have no evidence to prove that statement myself.

The only thing you can take into account is that Seriex X is probably locked at max settings (idk for sure)

When I was arguing the obvious point that PC inherently has gameplay advantages over consoles including Series X, I would get the cookie cutter brainlet argument that goes “Series X gets 120 all the time, and if you look at steam charts it has better specs than the average pc” and there was a video showing someone playing multiplayer on foundation and apparently getting 120fps constant (and the proof was some third party software).

The Series X in Ranked PVP probably does get 120 fps most of the time, but it still feels like you’re playing in jello.

What makes the PC so special then, optimization? I play 110~120 but I’m upgrading to a 3090 and i9 soon at 240hz so I will try Gears at optimal settings and see If I feel a difference. Currently on a 2060/AMD Ryzen 7 37k. This new PC should be a HUGE leap If true.

There’s basically no input delay on PC and it makes hitting shots easier. TC or Microsoft released some kind of graphic showing how the Series X input delay is almost as low as PC, that graphic is the biggest lie I’ve ever seen — either their test PC was from 2009 or they just made up numbers.

Having your settings all on low probably also impacts certain things that I’m unaware of. Not having blur is a massive advantage, having your animation quality set to performance may actually change what enemies are doing on your screen.

There’s also some extra settings you can get from going to GameUserSettings.ini and playing around with values. Like you can lock your frames to 240, further eliminate blur intensity and some other things.

edit: People also told me you can’t see over like 90 frames, biggest lie I’ve ever been told. It’s clear as day going from like 140 on Village to 240 on other maps.


I hate to admit It but you’re probably not wrong about inputs just being faster on PC. The customization is just way more extendable on PC If you look at It. Thats why I asked If you can turn that stuff off on the Series X. If you could you might actually stand a chance against someone with a mediocre PC build

You can edit the GameUserSettings aswell If you have the game on Microsoft, I don’t know about steam. Lastly far as frames the 60 to 144 jump was extremely obvious. It was more than double the frames but I am having a hard time believing that I’m going to have that same reaction with 144 to 240.

Also I’ve never had over 100 frames on any of the last patch maps TC added, so the difference will be noticeable there for sure.

It’s like half as noticeable to me. Like 60 to 120 was a 10/10, and 120 to 240 was a 5/10.

If Series X got all the customization PC has, there probably wouldn’t be that much of a PC advantage. Series X has the hardware to get way more frames than it currently gets.

Who in the hell told you that? The point at which humans can no longer reliably tell different framerates apart varies person to person and even slightly test-to-test, but is usually somewhere around the 600+fps range.

The human eye can’t see above whatever ridiculously low number thing is a meme.

I’m going to go with uthyr but it actually could have been any of them they all have the same argument highlighted by the same link to

but then you play in 1080p ?

I need a 3080/3090 to safely get over 100 FPS in 1440p or 3440x1440, all at max
amazing for a 2019 game. Well the Series X update cost 30%.
what do you expect for Gears 6? think something up to date a good 8 core and a 7900xt/xtx/4080/4090 it has to be for 1440p or more to get 100 FPS in MP

I know higher res is a bit tolling on the GPU but that isn’t why I don’t use It. Just too damn expensive. 240hz and higher res than 1080 spikes in price and since I use two I’d be paying some GPU tier prices.