How Many Forum Members Watched The Stream / Claimed The Skins?

The eSports Views to me seemed quite low, it started off at 2,000 people and the most I saw was around 14,000.

Now, how do people feel about eSports in Gears? It’s value to the series and it’s time that gets put into the events and the game itself?

How many people here watched the streams?

I myself just kept checking towards the end portions, to claim the Stained Gnasher and Snub.

Do you guys watch for the competition and/or skins?

Or is just for the Skins?

Or would you watch even if no skins?

To me, it’s a little tedious if you need to sit through a 8-9 hour stream for 3 days to get skins.

I don’t see it as adding value due to the relatively low numbers of views, same maps over and over and the single game mode with 2v2 thrown in.

It’s repetitive and boring but how does everyone else feel?

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Honestly didn’t even know a tournament was going on.


Honestly I think they need a new mode for E Sports. Escalation is pretty boring to watch. I have watched some highlights, didnt really watch much of the stream itself. I dont know that Escalation actually captures the essence of Gears.


I think I Iegit watched one for Gears 4 and then another one again but only flipped to it every 30 mins or so to claim the skins. After that second time, I decided to quit because to me the skins aren’t worth it. Nowadays, honestly Gears isn’t on my radar much. To me, watching people play a video game isn’t fun at all unless I am there giving them input where to go and how to get something in it.



Yes its repetitive and boring, I don’t watch esports events for Gears of War tbh, I think its not a fun game to watch however its a great game to play .

as for myself I wouldn’t bother to watch esports to gather some skins, it’s not worth the time.

Regards man .


This seems to be the consensus.

A lot of people probably don’t realise it’s even on.

Those that have watched one or two have seen it all tbh.

And then most that do watch it, are just back and forth for the skins.

And the skins do leave a lot to be desired.

Guess TC saved the best till last and going to sell the rest in the Store.


It’s a combination of two factors here @III_EnVii_III

  1. Gears 5 has a disastrous debut and still its plague with scarcity of stuff, problems , bugs and things that as you know its not resembling Gears 4 or much less GOW 3 , its a game too casual , and due of that lots of players left it behind.

  2. Most of hard-core fans don’t care how other’s play… so in that sense its not a good idea to have such events.

combining both of them , we could realize why people don’t watch esports for Gears of War.

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I watched it on YT before someone told me there were skins for watching. I kept the tournament on in the background while I did chores and for the most part it seemed really good, especially the end when Reciprocity won 4 in a row and then Pittsburgh Knights came back to win 2 before finally losing the 7th. Very exciting and they picked some very enthusiastic commentators too.

My favorite part was when the camera panned the crowd and I saw an old lady there who was probably somebody’s grandmother who went to the tournament to show support. Damn beautiful.


I just kept checking every now and then for the skins inbetween playing some destiny 2, got most of them.
Stayed up till 2am to get gnasher🤦‍♂️ up for work at 6am😵
Europe gets screwed again​:+1::pray:



The Gnasher was a struggle for sure.

I actually went for a smoke, let the dog out, came back to claim gnasher. Almost missed it. Lol

I claimed some of the skins but not all, but I didn’t watch the stream. The eSports scene is something that has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever.

The thing that annoys me and completely turns me off, is the macho-posturing - the chest beating, the trash-talking, the cheesy publicity shots in darkened rooms where they cross their arms in slow-motion.

This is how boys think men behave like.

And Icy looks like a serial killer. Scares me a bit.


I don’t watch esports, I find all of it boring, but I was semi interested in gears. It got me thinking that fighting games might be fun to watch.

Cheers to those who still watching streams.
I got enough Escalation back in Gears 4 and me watching 8 to 12 hours just to claim cosmetics?
Maybe next title.
as for now I’m staying away for the game and streams, nothing good seems to be happening.

I had it on in the background while doing homework but kept forgetting about it, so I didn’t even get half of the skins, I don’t think. Managed to get the gnasher and lancer last night, but it was close as I was drifting in and out of sleep.

That skin is disgusting. I knew it was on but completely refuse to even load it up for skins.

ESports was always cringeworthy, but some skins were nice in Gears 4.

Even if they were nice this time, though, it’s pretty meaningless to waste time collecting mediocre skins for a broken and monotonous game.

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Didnt watch, just wanted skins. Didnt get Stained Glass Lancer or Gnasher, but got everything else. Stream was 11 hours and 55 minutes so definitely not worth it unless you have interest in esports

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Lol, this is a complaint you could levy at all sports. I guess they just want to be taken "seriously " as a legit sport. I dont really like sports or esports for these same reasons,

Probably! I don’t pay attention to any eSports fullstop so wouldn’t have any basis of comparison. Even actual sports athletes behave in a more dignified fashion compared to these eSport cretins.

I watched some of it, mostly just had it on in the background. I don’t know why they’re still pushing it so hard, there’s been no growth. In fact, there’s been major regression compared to Gears 4. G4 would cap out north of 40k viewers, G5 can barely cap out above 15k.

And this was probably the most anticipated event too, with it being held in Mexico so it’ll still probably be downhill from here.

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