How many controllers have you gone through

Within the past few years how many controllers have you think you’ve gone through either by stick drift, sticky buttons or whatever? Mine start to go about every 6 months but sometimes a bit longer if I’m lucky. I only bring this up because I need to buy a new one again and it’s frustrating haha

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Gears of War on default seems to destroy my “A” button like clockwork. Man I wonder why that is…oh wait it’s because Running, cover, rolling and bouncing are all bound to “A”

if you play on default and your A button hasn’t been sunken into your controller then you need to roll harder.

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Since UE ive gone through 4 controllers. I dont rage and throw my stuff my around, I actually take good care of my electronics bc all of it costs alot and I dont wanna spend more. Im on my 5th controller since 2015 because xbox controllers are probably the worst controllers in terms of how well they are made. They just don’t last a long time at all. My seriex x controller that came with my series x came broken out of the box so I couldn’t even use it lol

En tout In total I think I’ve gone through 50+ since I started playing in 2006. I’ve only ever had one really good controller that lasted longer than 6 months. Currently my controllers all have bumper double-clicking issues. I keep sending them back to MS and they keep replacing them because they’re all under warranty and it’s a defective product.

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What is wrong with y’all? I’ve had the same comtroller since I was a sophomore in high school (2017).
Also, while we’re on the topic, lemme tell you about this amazing device called a “mouse”…


Not sure like maybe 12 maybe 13 probably more idk.

You have to feed it cheese :cheese: though


Been on the same controller since gearsUE but i also stopped playing the Trials series around that time.

Man, xbox wasn’t even a thing in 94…

…oh, right. Jesus Hector Christ i’m old now.


Currently on my third one since Gears 5 released.

1st started drifting after 5 months, tried to fix it and of course I completely destroyed it.
2nd one showed heavy drifting right out of the box so I returned it (as in 2 minutes playing).
3rd one showed signs of drift after 3 months but this time I just raised the dead zone. My RB died a month later and I replaced it with parts from 1st controller (I did learn how to fix it in the end).

My 360 controller? Been using it on PC for about 8 years now and still going strong.

Microsoft’s quality control is just rubbish nowadays.

using my keyboard and mouse since 1990. Relic with a mouse ball still :smiley:

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Recently, none on purpose. My Elite Controllers, both Series, have failed due to Microsoft’s incompetence.

Previously, well…put it this way. It was 6 controllers on Gears of War 3 alone. They kept falling horizontally, it was the strangest thing.

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My original controllers would last years,

Since switching to Elite & Elite Series 2,

Probably close to 10-11 now.

Still have all my original 360 controllers, even the day ones. No issues. Been through about 6 Xbox one controllers. Since switching to wired PowerA controllers no issues. Half the cost 50 times the build quality.

I have 4 (3 XBONE controllers and 1 Series X controller) and they all work although the RB on one is a little techy.

About 15 since Xbox one came out.

Had 3 Elites that all suffered with the bumper sticking, becoming lose so now I play on a standard Series X.

Half had drift issues, half dead bumpers.

I play tournament so guess it’s that

Good post! So I’m on my 4th controller since I really started playing Gears regularly, which was around the end of 2019.

The first one I replaced, the thumbstick went bad, so I couldn’t mark anyone. That controller was several years old though.
The next one I bought probably last 6 months or so and then started to drift. A little at first and then it got pretty bad. Thankfully I bought the warranty.
The next one went kaput after about only a month. I was in the middle of a ranked match and the left bumper went. Literally couldn’t run or do anything with it. So I returned it for a new one using the warranty.
We’ll see how long this new one lasts. Moral of the story , ALWAYS buy the warranty. It covers the controller for a year I believe.It’s like 5 bucks and given the rate I’ve been burning through them lately, it’s $5 well spent.

Prior to that I feel like I rarely went through controllers quickly. Way back when Halo 4 was out I was playing that a ton. Way more hours than I was putting into Gears. And my controller never had any problems and I got way more time out of it. Have the controllers gotten shoddier since then?

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About 5 for the Snes, and 3for the original Xbox.
Only one forthe PS4 that one cost me a new TV too though, throwing controllers at your TV is not a good Idea.

My LB , RB, A button, & left stick of my very first Xbox one controller were destroyed by Gears 4 by the end of its lifetime sadly.

Edit : I’m on my second one but I’ve toned down how hard I press my buttons & rarely play PvP anymore so it’s been fine

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