How many boom shots do I need to hit to kill an enemy?

I ask because there is allways these tuning updates changing the game and I’m quite a while without playing… and also this happened to me… as you can see on the video of this post on reddit.

The boomshot in versus is very inconsistent lol

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The boomshoot is actually 2 explosions that happen almost simultaneously. The problem is sometimes only 1 hits your target. Which leads to those bs moments were you don’t get a kill that should have been.
Only thing you can do to reduce the inconsistency in this is to always active reload before you shoot.

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Recommend to always use it strictly with actives on.

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1 if you’re good

It depends, have you been a good person?

Is your credit score good?

Actually one if the game works … but that doesn’t look to be the case on the video

Game plays better than the quality of your video

Ritual is a very glitchy map, I blame the map tbh.