How low can TC this

Warning TC going all out to get you to spend your iron on nearly everything in game…and heres one of those things to be carefull those challenges well good but what if the challenge isn’t one you like no problem…for a small sum of your iron you can get a new challenge or just keep spending your iron until you get a challenge to your liking.i found out the hard way about this…don’t you do the same…

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I think you should be able to filter for Versus, Horde and Escape but I can see why getting higher ranks may need you to play other modes.

I’m not a fan but then TC would have to do a lot more challenges per mode.

Hopefully there will be balance on this later.

It literally tells you this! It isn’t hidden.

Very few things can even be purchased with Iron. Only the store items and repeated refreshes of the daily challenges.

Closing thread as this is incredibly misrepresenting the way the system works.