How Long Is The Way To The Top, If You Want To Re-Up 50 Times!

Just to further clarify, I did it all manually, no script, no tiny task etc.


Smells like fake legends.

Do it legit with horde speed runs.

Unless you are a completionist none of this matters. Much easier ways to boost your gamer score. For legend stars, maybe it provides an advantage to use one of the above methods, but why would anyone care about a few thousand Gear coins?

Very few (if any) have ever gotten to the top of the grind achievements without shortcuts somewhere. Do or do not. There is no try.


Thanks Yoda :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

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You should of joined his game and moved the fab. Get him all confused and go looking for who did it. Lol


I’m annoyed right now because I thought the 6.66 XP boost was going to run all the way through today as well…

I stopped at re-up 39 level 90 last night, thinking that I could blast through the last 10 levels today in about an hour.

Now that hour has turned into 3+ more hours of grinding with normal boost…


Sorry for out of topic question, but has anyone yet created an excel spreadsheet containing:

  • The escape characters

  • Card unlocks corresponding to the character level
    (for example at lvl 2, Cole unlocks the ‘Haymaker’ card, and at level 3 he unlocks ‘Glow and Slow’ card, etc.)

  • Numerical values of a card for each card level from lvl 1 to lvl 6
    (for example, at card level 4, Cole’s Pyromaniac card deals 40% extra damage, at card level 5, it deals 50% extra damage and at level 6 it deals 60% extra damage)

  • Colour of a card (green, light blue , purple or golden : meant to signify rarity)

If we are having a future discussion anything related to character skills in escape or horde, we could just refer to this spreadsheet so that it would be easier to cross-check what we are talking about.

Also, if at all any future update which TC rolls out buffs or nerfs certain character skills, we could check with our data to speculate whether this buff/nerf was justifiable or not.

Since this thread was supposed to be very data oriented, I didn’t want to pass upon the opportunity to ask this.

So DFB was legit? It was not hacking, nor scripted or macro. It had to be done manually.

I think there could be more XP bonus opportunities in the future. I never got a single one.

I don’t think a spreadsheet would be necessary because it’d take quite a while to make and if a Level 6 card was to change, the Level 1-5 could also change then have to seek them out. It’s difficult to find someone to do their Level 1-5 again. When I talk about it, I usually refer to Level 6 cards and if need to check values, anyone could look in-game or the Level 6 maxed cards thread which I update every Operation.


I am trapped please send help.

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It was :100: legit, and ridiculous for TC to call it an exploit.

They were so quick to call it out as an exploit and patch it, yet people on the forums opening talk about the LE method in multiple threads and it still exists.

Leads me to believe that Ryan was just pissed that someone figured out a loophole in their terrible ribbon system.

You played the game, instead of the game playing you.


I started at OP3 and halfway through 19.

These figures in this thread are staggering, to be honest it’s not something I’ve thought much about or targeted but Judgement is the only one I ever got top re-up legit but that’s because it was nice and progressive and went up fast enough to feel like I was making progress. In this game I accepted fairly early I’d given up caring.

The figures would be even more staggering when the above was actually incorrect.

Half of Re-up 20 is around 17-18. That is 1/13th of the way to Re-up 50, so it’s certainly much lower than 11%.

Meanwhile, Re-up 20 is like 1/9th of the way to 50.

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How do you interpret half of Reup 20? Reup 20 at level 50/51? Or halfway TO Reup 20 which is what you’re actually putting out?

And guess what, dividing 100 by 9, which is 1/9th, gives you this number : 11.1111111(basically, 1 repeats infinitely after the dot). So none of the numbers I mentioned are actually wrong, at least not by any significant margins. Unless you consider 1,000 XP to be particularly significant when we’re talking in numbers going into tens of millions.

Okay, halfway through 20 is very confusing term. It could have either meant 17-18 in terms of XP, or it meant around Re-up 20, Level 50~? It’s clarified now.

I was curious how long it would take to go through all 50 Re-Ups using only the Lethal Engagements trick. Here’s what I came up with.

My parameters are rounded to what I believe to be the lowest possible XP rewards and most Time Spent for this method.

Per Completion

  • 3600XP (boost)/1800XP (no boost)
  • 20 completions per hour at 3 minutes per completion (Xbox; PC players can complete more)
  • 72000XP per hour (Xbox)


  • 82,071.000 total accumulated XP needed to reach max Re-Up level
  • 22,798 completions (boost)/45,595 completions (no boost)
  • Complete Time Spent of 47.5 days (boost)/95 days (no boost)

16 hours a day

  • 71,5 days (boost)/143 days (no boost)

12 hours a day

  • 95 days (boost)/190 days (no boost)

8 hours a day

  • 142.5 days (boost)/285 days (no boost)

4 hours a day

  • 285 days (boost)/570 days (no boost)

1 hour a day

  • 1140 days (boost)/2280 days (no boost)

Only about 20 seconds of each completion are actually spent In Game. The other 2.67 minutes (Xbox) are spent in Loading Screens.

My point in making this post is that even if you only log onto the game everyday to use farming methods for XP, you still need to invest a serious amount of hours/days/months/years -depending on your motivation- to make any noticeable progress through these Re-Ups.

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I was not getting anywhere near 3,600 XP if I would do the LE method on Master with no XP event running and while having Boost. What am I not getting?

Kill the first enemy or both enemies and make sure the First Kill Ribbon pops. Pause the game and select Restart Act. When the game completely fades to black, select Return to Lobby.

Around 1650 base XP + around 1800 boost XP + 150XP for the First Kill Ribbon = at least 3600 total XP

I’ve always killed both enemies when doing this (the few extra seconds it takes to kill the second enemy is negligible to me) so I’ve always gotten at least 3600XP for each completion.

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That’s what I’ve been doing if I tried to see how much XP it would give… but not getting 3,600 XP each go.

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It’s sad and mind boggling to me that we as players have to fall to using these techniques to get somewhere. I really want to play this game so called “LEGIT” ways but there’s no way that I would get to re-up 50 t playing that way.


This is the reason I made this thread. I’m well aware how stupid the climb is but I’m terrible with numbers to actually see it in paper.
Big thanks to @Ektope, @AmicableWall421 and @NoLmtSoldier for the stats so far.

I have always been getting around 3600 xp doing exactly how @NoLmtSoldier has described. This 6.66 xp weekend I was getting over 12k per run every 3min.