How long do I have left in season 5?!?

Ok so I just started to panic about my tier I started season5 in the middle of the season and I want the diamond character I have the gold and emerald but I just realized all I have to do to get the diamond character :flushed: How much longer is left of season 5???

7th February [2019] is the last day.


Thank you I think I am screwed though :joy::joy: I’m on it for season 6 though I didn’t know they gave you characters or I would have played vs instead of horde

Oh darn. Guess I won’t get the Emerald character…very disappointed :joy:

If you’re willing to put in a bit of time doing monotonous things, then it’s definitely doable if you can stomach playing the Versus AI mode. As I’ve said before in other threads, in my opinion the Emerald Gear looks nicer than I originally thought - it looked quite bad in the initial promo pictures, but in-game it looks reasonably nice. I mean, it’s not like there’s much else left to do in the game is there? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Diamond Gear is beyond me. I barely play Versus, and I think across all game modes my level is around gold 2-3 as an average. I know my place in this world, and it’s in that slightly above average category! :smiley:


Can I just add it isn’t just kills that go towards the % and total number, downs also count so if you get as much downs as kills it’ll go a lot faster.


Is it achieving the three diamonds or getting the kills/downs that is stopping you?

Depending on the amount of free time you have to play, I wouldn’t rule out getting the Diamond Gear, especially if you have friends who are good and you can buddy up with.

Some playlists are much easier and quicker to achieve diamond in. I’ve never done it before myself (cos I’m not good enough), but I’ve heard many players say that the 2vs2 Boxes playlist; and TDM are easier to get diamond on; but KOTH is much harder.

And as far as the 9000 kills and downs is concerned, that’s achievable through playing Versus AI on casual mode. It;s super boring, but if you put in the time it works and is the most straightforward and quickest way.


Nope. Not willing :joy:.

I do see what you are saying about how it is better then the promo pictures, but I still don’t find it that good looking. Certainly nothing to grind for . But that’s just me.
Diamond is far from anything I can accomplish. I can barely maintain my Onyx 1 rank

That’s weird. I ranked up much faster in Koth then in TDM

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Same it’s been funny with me this season usually King is the hardest gamemode to rank up for me… but yet again I was 90%+ for 3 days moving up and down by literally 2%, it was a nightmare.

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I personally wouldn’t know. This is just what I’ve heard some other people say on the forums.

I’d imagine 2vs2 to probably be more straightforward cos if you’re a good player, you can probably carry your team mate - there’s fewer potential weak links in your team compared to 5vs5.

Personally speaking, I’ve always found that I do better and achieve higher ranks on the ring-objective modes like KOTH or Escalation, and I don’t do as well on the 5vs5 kill-based modes like Warzone, Dodgeball or TDM.

I did well on 2vs2 though, but I figure that this was just because it’s a small contained skirmish, less chaotic and it’s easier for me to keep track of what’s going on. I find in the 5vs5 modes I sometimes struggle with the pace and get caught off guard more than I should

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Slightly off topic but I played with you earlier in TDM on Foundation. You did a heck of a lot better than me but we won though lol. Wish you luck in the rest of Season 5.