How is this possible? The math does not add up>

I just finished a game of ranked KOTH and came in last on my team. I had more eliminations than all but one person on the other team. We won consecutive rounds, not even close. I had a positive skills score after the game. The other team was favored. So why did my ranking go DOWN!?!?!?! How the hell is this ranking system supposed to work? Did you win? Check! Was the team you beat favored? Check! Did you out perform the favored team? Check! Was your skill points total positive? Check! Did your ranking stay the same or go up? NOPE!

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I think people should keep making threads just to spite you.


Because they went back to the old way of it being tied to your performance. But if you win you get points that dont matter.

But this is still broken because you have the 1600 point glitch as well.

They dont know what they are doing.

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It’s hard. But just keep telling yourself the ranking system is broken the ranking system is broken and system is broken… Don’t forget to tap your heels together three times while saying it.

I GAINED points for LOSING to a team that had FEWER skill points than my team. Figure that one out.

Well they just changed it again

I understand. Believe me I do. But it doesn’t seem to be working no matter what they do.