How is this ok!?

Can’t upload pic… But ive waited over 10 minutes to find a koth game… This is SUPER ridicules! No point in wating more

If you’re searching on your own it will take longer to find a match, when it reaches around 3 mins you should restart the search, does the trick for me and usually puts me into a lobby straight away.

Again, no picture. Guess I cant’t believe you either…

Play another game.

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I played 4 games today. Never waited more than a minute.

What server? I’m also stuck on silver rank so that makes the time worse…

Played 3-4 KOTH matches back to back today. No long waits

I suck so ima bronze player.

American server? Eu server? I do not suck… :frowning: So my rank is a discrase…

Another one of these threads with no mention of country or server. I found 6 matches yesterday, while on PC, each within a minute.

Sadly, 4 were filled with either AFK or quitters but the 2 that worked out were amazing.

I’m from the east coast us and keep a stable 20-30ping constantly.

I didn’t have one issue.

I was in KOTH match making and it said the lobby dissolved. So it went back to searching for a match. Waited 4-5 minutes and was still searching. So I went to quit and it told me quitting now would cause me to receive a penalty. Wtf.

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Usually I find games pretty easy, within 2-3 minutes at peak time.

The message that you get a quit penalty when leaving the lobby without even finding a match yet is a bug.
It happens often to me but you actually get no penalty.

Ok good. I was about to be pissed lol that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that message before.