How is the update

IM STILL at work and hopefully i get to hop on later to play. Has anyone played after the latest update. How is it??

servers are down cant fid a koth lobby keeps glitching and sending me back to menu. 1 step forward 2 backwards

It won’t go live yet until in what, 13 to 43 minutes from now(the Gnasher fixes)? So I don’t think players have yet had the opportunity to check them out.

I would expect this as people are in the process of getting the update.

Horde is freezing on join screen. Gear spins then frozen

The Gnasher seems better

have only played one mode which is golden gun ffa so far

turned the omen to simple but can’t notice it cuz you get 1 shot.

I’ll probably test the gnasher soon enough & check if horde bugs are truly fixed

That’s being looked into along with freezing menus

The simple omen is alot better!

It’s wicked. Got 6 matches & in an hour

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Wow. I’m not gonna lie I played one match and the Gnasher felt good Really good. But that is only one match.

It’s a solid update.

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It felt the same-ish to me. The gnasher is as inconsistent as it was prior to the TU.

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Gnasher felt super consistent to me post update.


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Don’t know if it has to do with the update but my camera pulls to the left, aiming or not. I can barely push left stick or not move it at all and it still does it. Aim Assist is off. I have to go somewhere in 4.5 hrs so I have to get sleep. Its 5am here. I just turned the game off. Ultimate rage quit. New controller, steady connection, I can’t figure it out.

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Are y using a series 2 controller. If so. Its the controller because mine is doing the same dam thing. Insweitched back to my series 1 and its way more responsive.

I bought the warranty. And i better not hear some bs… from it. Its only wht 2 months old


Nah I have the standard controller. Man this blows. If it’s not one thing it’s another.