How is the game already dead? Its dirt cheap, only a few months old and its dead

Im not here to ■■■■■ about the game itself. I prefer the old ones as many but I prefer 5 to 4 thus far. 4 was a slow starter.

Been playing for 13 years.

This time its different. As much as i want to play, the servers are always dead.

In the day its not so bad but usually a lot of ai. In night all modes are ■■■■■■■ dead.

Im EU, great ping/ connection/ great rig. Every other game i own i get into games any time of the day.

Considering its only a few months old and being given away at £15/$20 //// free on game pass this is just tragic.

I only picked this up last week but im 15 minutes into searching for a horde game right now.

How the hell is this going to last past 8 months?!

I hope tc figure it out because even though this aint the best gears, its the newest one we have. ■■■■■■■ rip

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I think this is alot to do with there being so many difficulties - it completely splits the player base. I think TC would do well to merge 2-3 difficulties together for the purpose of public matchmaking in Horde and Escape - or create a function where players can select multiple difficulties to search under (if they want obviously) with a tick-box function.


Great idea.

I have just spent 15 minutes searching on 3 different difficulties.

No luck.

I genuinely am concerned for the franchise, how tf can it be so dead?

A lot of people don’t like the Horde changes. I went from regularly getting Horde invites in 4 to having literally zero people on my friends list playing Horde this time around.


Maybe play the pvp for a week or two and you will get a better idea for why it’s dead…

I know you are going to reply that you have but I mean blast through 50 games of ranked and compare it to the 13 years you have played and you will just know it’s lost something.

The ranked matchmaking for some modes in the EU are very slow as well like guardian and execution. I still play it but I don’t feel as into 5 as I have been with the other games.

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I have friends (from here) that still play the game on a regular basis but my friends from a ways back don’t even bother it. In fact they uninstalled it.


Most have gone back to Gears of War 4, or just gave up. Gears 5 has been an eye opener for the die hard fans, and some of them have realised they are not immortal.
The Coalition have gone mad, they tried far too much to give the community what they wanted, but did it piss poorly, in Horde the Engineer almost got his/her wish, to build and repair without interference from other characters/players. Horde was built around Jack and the Forge, huge mistake that one. The difficulty settings are just too many and not the most intelligent idea either. Escape was added, if any game mode is not Gears, this is it, they would have been better off bring back Beast or even the one from Gears of War Judgement, CoG Vs Horde.
I am not a fan of PvP, in fact i hate it, but the same old complaint is back, the Gnasher, and now the Lancer is a huge problem (so i have read).
The Campaign, seems to be the only one with out serious problems, the roam where you want is great, sadly though, you got all that roaming space, bit little to do in it. Random pockets or Horde would be nice, the chance to maybe mow a few of them down with the Skiff…
Gears 5 is a disappointment, yet there is a chance to make it the game it should be, the question is, will The Coalition make the time or effort to do so.
Horde needs to do away with using Energy as payment to increase Personal Skills, the Energy needs to be dumped at the end of each Wave, and the Engineer needs to finally be the character it is mean’t to be, builder and repair, whilst all the other characters do what they are mean’t to, MDK the Horde. For Jack and the Forge, they can rot in Hell for all i care, i have never completed a game with jack to date, they all leave after i build the Forge, wasting Energy on them when i could have built Shocks to help protect the Base. The game should never have been built around this character, it is just bad planning. I swear The Coalition never played Horde to test it. Bloody idiots.
As for Escape, that can be left on a rubbish tip somewhere. PvP, i am no expert on that one, maybe someone else can tell you what that needs to be fixed.

Versus is completely broken right now. Shots randomly register.


I disagree with every single thing you said about horde.
Literally every single thing. Completely.

Been a horde main for … wow… its been over a decade… holy hell haha…

Horde is really good, you just need to stop playing in public with randoms, assuming you will find teamwork. Da fauq?

In fact, do you want a good horde experience? Add me, I’ll show you a good time horde match. For real.


That is your opinion, and you are entitle to it. My opinion is as is, and i am entitled to that too.
The sad fact is the state of the game is, it is not as good as it could be, ruined straight away by build Horde around Jack and the Forge, it never needed them before, so why now. The game would run better with out these two, it is being done almost everyday, because so many people are trying out Jack and getting bored, and they are off.
Taps, well, they are just freaking useless to start off with, and at times not even worth defending.
You have a right to disagree, and i am sure others will agree, as i have a right to my thoughts and ideas, and some will agree with me too.

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Your premise that jack and the forge are necessary are mostly incorrect.

An engineer is necessary, a forge helps, and a jack using that forge will help even more.

You know the forge still makes good money even without jack.

Lets do some fast maths :DDD

forge = 120 points per average gun at lvl 4 without smelting card. For anyone.

If you get only 5 guns a wave, with a 5 man team, thats 120x25/wave x probably 40 + waves.

so 120x25x40 = 120,000 power. The forge costs 9k without the discount, and 9k each upgrade unless you have bought other things or have the master mod on.

Thats 36k entry cost to earn 120k throughout the horde.

Still a 4x profit margin, and very much worth it. Thats only at 5 guns. You will most likely get more if you try.

Typically I forego a second weapon on del to run guns to forge if we go without a jack.

Again man, you really need to find an experience of horde YOU like.

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I will tell you what is not necessary, and that is using Energy for personal skills, that is the biggest problem with Gears 5 Horde. Because of this crap, we need Taps, Jack and the Forge. The Coalition must have been pissed on Lemonade to come up with this stupid idea.
And no, we do not need a Jack, should not even need a Forge, and as for you running around picking up weapons to feed the Forge, i am wondering what you are doing with so much free time on your hands, because i usually find myself too busy Repairing stuff to strolling around the map looking for weapons.
If you are doing your job properly as an Engineer, right up til wave 40 you are building, rearranging and repairing fortifications. Sounds to be you are and keep getting the perfect games, with the perfect team. Every game i have played, even solo games i have had to work for it. And you, you are either taking the piss, having a bloody good dream or as i have said, playing the perfect game.
I want to live in your world, where everything is free, and i can stroll around a battlefield looking for dropped weapons to feed a Forge that should not have to exist.


It’s the same with any such question, user mileage varies. There’s nit picks I have with most games I play, some more than others. For me, Gears of War 4 is the perfect Gears, except for one fatal and HUGE flaw. It’s replay value is killed by that nasty Vulture boss being a pain on Inconceivable. It was hard enough on Insane, but I’ve pretty much given up on it on Incon.

My only nit pick about Gears 5 is it’s campaign by comparison is too easy. It was a fun and new experience though.

I am actually a pvp main dude. I also cant find a comp match unfortunately and im level 75 now. its a ■■■■■■■ joke

Honestly, the game just isn’t working proper and that’s starting to take its toll on me. Then there’s all the other things that are driving legacy players/new players away. Matchmaking being one of them. Lack of meaningful content being another.

I really just want the game to work and a few new solid maps for versus at this point. I’m not asking for too much here.

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Cool. We can both agree the old trilogy is the best.

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It’s probably already been stated but just search in custom lobbies. I live in Australia and I could never find a matchmade game even when the game was first released, I agree with everyone else, too many difficulties.

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Also sound being ■■■■■■ would also made people quit 5. Also its is still ■■■■ sound is still not fixed

its not a dead game in the strict sense… its a broken game that needs fixes and its developer hasn’t done much anything as of now…

Virtually no one on my friends list plays Gears 5. These are all people I met playing a lot of Horde & Koth in GoW4…