How is that even possible

i lost rank for losing that match am i honestly expected to win a 3v5? you cant tell me this is intended this has happened twice in a row now


It’s possible because you may not have chosen to quit out from pause to main menu.

Depends when they quit.

If they quit Round 2 - the game might have expected you to win.

And you were losing, they quit and you lost so drop in %.

Apparently, the system would only re-calculate for round 2 if they quit in round 1.

So in this case - you didn’t lose as much as you would have as they quit round 1.

Sucks I know. Happens to me too :-1:

tc said it’s better to stay until the end though so try again

Not sure what you mean by try again.
Losing two rounds is worse than losing one round.
The individual performance is really minimal impact on % rank.

you said to leave to main menu tc said doing that is worse than staying