How is no one else complaining about this? (Cog being overpowered)

The Cog has always been favored and shots don’t ever register cleanly on them so that they can win more situations. Cog always wins cause they take more shots in gnasher scenarios which happen most of the time. They had an opportunity to even fix this in gears 4 by bringing the DB robots to the cog team in versus but that would be too fair. There’s been so many games and they just re-use the characters with crappy hit-box placements instead of making the game consistent. I don’t understand why no one else see’s this and isn’t complaining. They’re just gonna do the same for gears 5 and I’m gonna single star that sh**.

Oh yeah and having a few spounging characters on the locust doesn’t balance it. The game becomes worse than rng at that point. Even worse it’s become pay to win with the black-spounge skin line. This infuriates me to no end and also baffles me how the competitive scene can take this joke of a game seriously.

I win as the swarm all the time. I see the problem being lag due to high pings.

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Dude it’s not ping. Me and my friend are sitting at 30 ping and the cog always sponges. They always have in previous games as well. Also tell me whenever you beat the cog is it cause you’re fighting noobs? That’s the only time we can beat the cog is when they’re bad. So help you god if they’re diamonds rocking spounge-steel skins.

I have had real close good fights on both sides. Never have I thought i lost because they were on cog.

You aren’t seeing people complain about this because it’s not a thing. All multiplayer characters use the same hitbox. It’s a competitive esports multiplayer game, it would be downright absurd not to.

Think about it logically, if there was a shred of evidence that this was true there would be a massive uproar about it. The community is very protective and particular about the game and if TC was doing something that egregious it wouldn’t go unnoticed.


I think the cog has the advantage with super skinny characters like dress uniform anya or really any female character

Gears voodoo… Just say ‘no’ kids…




I would say open your eyes but I’m this case, close them.


Or the OP is not as skilled as he think he is. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hit a shot.

Thought this was a troll thread based on the title. But yeah, hit your shots kid and start using (Black Steel) Savage Kantus. Ez wins.


Just get better or go back to cod kiddo

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I tried doing that, too, but they told me to go back to Gears of War.:yum:

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This thread is comedy gold. Definitely made me chuckle.

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I tend to weave humor into a lot of my posts… but this thread didn’t need much.
Sometimes nature’s beauty is just perfect on it’s own.

Character skins are exactly that.
All the characters have the same root hitbox model regardless of cosmetic appearance.

i.e. A character like Anya has the exact same hitboxes as Raam or Uzi Shrek. :slight_smile:

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This is why I made the post. I’ve seen this on all of the gears titles where I hit opponents and the shots just don’t register and it mainly happens on the cog or kantus. I’ve seen teammates squarely hit shots and get 6 percent off of 3 point blanks. The cog doesn’t even flinch when point blanked and often makes the grunt sound of getting shot by a snub pistol when they should have been foured.

I feel like the gears community has become like my friend and started accepting the bs for what it is. I am honestly shocked by these reactions. None of you have ever had this problem in any of the gears games? It’s always been a fair and fun experience and you haven’t been robbed constantly? I could literally make a montage of bs in the game.

People already have.

But it’s not because of different hit boxes. Servers are the main issue, perception of reality another.