How is Gears 6 Story work

They should update gears 5 campaign and change the entire cutscene to del dying and forget the choice was ever there.


That make sense so it’s not divided in further gears campaign at least

Please make a separate topic about this! Thanks! :smiley:

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Kait as main character and playable character against armies of Locusts and Swarm and new enemy faction

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JD as main character. Or Del. Or Lizzie. Or Marcus. Or that hateful thing that we call Jinn-Bot. Or that loveful thing that we call Jack.
So the story won’t be connected to just one character. And we could be who ever we want. :sunglasses:

Yeah character locks were a terrible idea. Why stop at PvE? Why not give us freedom of choice in the campaign, too? For example, we should be able to play Kait’s story as Jack if we want. More choice is always a good thing, rite?


Fixed for you :+1::blush:

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Oh gosh lmao nooooo

Marcus knocking Marcus out? What is that?

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