How is anyone enjoying Horde on higher diff levels? This is just stupid... and not fun

It’s been said on the internet once or twice before bro


or it didn’t happen


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lol, sorry, she does not approve of pics posted publicly :slight_smile:

On a thread-relevant topic… So last night i got a "do 20 waves of insane or higher Horde’ daily challenge, and it was my last challenge to finish OP2… So i thought, ok, let’s do it… By myself (with bots).


Playing Insane, solo, I never made it past wave 4… I tried as JD, as Del, as Mac, and as COG Gear… COG Gears was best, since I was able to bring myself up with my ultimate, since the bots were completely useless when I went down…

Fortunately the daily challenge required “20 waves”, so i did the first two/three waves seven times, and I got my stars, and got my general…

Zero fun, playing solo…

For me is more fun the mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 4/5/6, no complications, just select your favorite character and start shooting alone or with your friend, nothing else, rather than this horde modes from Gears of War 4/5. I agree with you. The entire game is a chore.

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It’s incredible. I disagree with every single word you said.

Nooo, Josh mate, please don’t keep spreading this nonsense.

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How do you play masters then?
Seriously im asking. Every custom lobby ive joined on masters had a jack, jd, kait, engineer.
Im not saying it cant be done but since ive been playing gears 5 every masters room i joined that cleared 50 waves had 3 of the 4 i mentioned.

This is a huge complaint for me and I don’t even play high level horde. I posted a couple weeks ago I did and we only were on the second or third difficulty and we got a matriarch in wave 50, and how the day before we got one on wave 40, and it’s just zero fun to fight. Like, yeah it’s challenging and that’s fine, I want a challenge. But it’s not FUN. She just runs around and destroys your base at will and you can’t do much about it. On the forums everybody was like “dude just use JD’s bleed” Like listen mother-effer I was playing the engineer, I have no such option! And that’s not good game design, to have case specific exploits like that that you can’t control mid-game.

This high level horde is the same thing. It’s not fun to just be oppressed. Enemies taking more damage is a challenge but should not be the CORE change of a ramp-up in difficulty. That’s just dumb. They need to make the tweaks be more in line with increasing the AI’s aggression, increasing their resistance to fortifications, maybe reducing the range away from the fabricator they can spawn. stuff like that. Not “takes 3 clips to down now.”

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You even mentioned in that same post that you’ve played in off-meta squads.
I just want more people to wake up and not give in to the peer pressure. I love seeing a bunch of capable players using a Sarah/Mac/Emile etc.

Ive seen those crews but only 2 in the same room. Ive yet to see a room that had no engineers and was made of fahz, Marcus, sarah, lahni, emile.
Im not saying these chars have no place in masters but the way tc designed horde is poor. You shouldnt need specific classes to win but tc made it so.

Supposing a JD has not already atomised her within 15 seconds of spawning, a Cryo Cannon or 2 will counter a Matriarch very hard.

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Done several runs without a Kait, to the point that I don’t think she’s a MUST in a Master’s composition. I’ve also done one without a Jack, such as yourself.

Haven’t tried the new chars though, as I don’t play the game much anymore, so can’t really give my input on characters like Baird and Lizzie.

Yes I still prefer a Jack and an engineer! For sure! Playing Jack is ludicrously boring for me, but I love the freedom he grants us.

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Yeah Im bored playing as Jack but it feels good to have someone as jack.

Ive completed some masters with the odd group but we usually had 2-3 of the 4 classes I mentioned.
Ive had a party of del, jd, fahz, marcus, cog. That cleared 50 waves but we had JD doing most of the dmg.

Ive cleared masters with no JD but Kait ect.

Ive yet to clear masters without an engineer. Or a noJD and no kait. ive cleared with 1 or the other but not without both of them.

Yeah, unless you’re JD or Del or maybe Kait, your sole purpose is to hide and pick up those three when they go down. That isn’t fun. There’s nothing fun at all about dumping all your ammo into countless bullet sponges then dying because you want to participate in the combat.


They have a lot of stuff that isn’t working as intended. Until they get patched I can’t give a fair assessment of them.

I can say Baird is a pretty good engineer. Even if you take out the bleeding fences. He repairs faster but doesn’t have cost reduction like Del. His forts have less health but with precision repair he can repair all of them throughout a wave, for free, provided he can get head shot kills. His turrets hit harder. His lockers reload faster than dels. His turret and locker perks are also global so they work no matter who built them. He also gets some nice boosts to dmg when using a tri shot. He just has no stim which is what kills him IMO.

Lizzie has some usefulness with the silverback. She perhaps has the best stim in the game. Generates stim by dealing dmg. The closest thing we have to an actual tank. Outside of the silverback she’s pretty much all the other non meta chars. using a tri shot.

Seems the fun is still going while I’ve been away.

Right! This is exactly my point! Horde of Tri-shot

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JD has zero health perks. I’ve said this many times before. Anyone that says it’s easy to play JD on Master’s level hasn’t played it. Even Kait with her health upgraded goes down instantly on higher levels. Some characters do not possess the ability to inflict massive damage at that level, but going down easily is every character’s plight.

I doubt that there would be as many complaints about JD(if there are many at all) if it wasn’t for pretty much every mid-higher level lobby imposing the “fun police” JD. Whether that is down to the enemy sponge or that not allowing restarts is a mandatory requirement or something almost everybody enables on difficulties below Master, I cannot say. But it’s a fact that 90% of played matches have JD even when he may not be required(why would you need him if you have basically turned on all the easy modifiers? I’ve beaten Insane with the health mod without a JD so it’s not impossible). Trying to find one without a JD or get one going yourself? Very unlikely to happen. Seemingly lower player count than in the launch week/month also doesn’t help.

If I recall correctly you have called for JD nerfs.

My only stance is buff other players. I’m tired of people being down on JD. Play him or don’t, but leave him alone. He’s fun to play. OP himself has said that. He’s not the only option. I’ve pointed out that both Baird (currently) and Kait can out perform him. Lizzie can a lot of the time. The game needs some buffs for other characters and it will be fine. I find several non meta characters fine to play.

I still recall the great salvo nerf of Gears 4. Made the weapon worthless.

To everyone that wants to play a certain meta not available now, please ask for it. Leave other metas alone.

Edit: I can play with or without a JD. He certainly always helps if leveled. I’ll never begrudge any character for performing to ability level.