How is anyone enjoying Horde on higher diff levels? This is just stupid... and not fun

Ok, so my buddies and I tried Elite last night, for the hell of it… ON All father’s…

First 20 waves were cool… next 20 waves were annoying… the last 10 waves? STUUUPID… A constant, constant stream of “one shot downs”… None stop… You can’t shoot anyone - it takes them 1 bullet to down you, and it takes me 85 lancer bullets to kill a drone (using a Lancer GL as the CoG Gears with +80% lancer damage, lol )

And THEN we get THREE Flocks on wave 50!! hahahaha… WTF…

It’s just STUPID, IMO… I enjoyed Incon runs in GoW4… Without sentries or turrets… here??? I can’t imagine doing even Elite without any sentries…

is it doable? of course, it’s doable… We did it on (on Elite, sure)… But is it fun? I didn’t have fun, after about wave 30, it was a chore, and i felt like I had an OBLIGATION to keep working on finishing it, rather than enjoying the game play and immersing myself in the challenge of it…


we should try man playing ZOMBIE ARMY 4 Horde… with its Award Winning Shooting Mechanics I really think we’re going to have a blast there man.

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I’ve been digging world war z Horde myself. Now that is a true Horde experience.

It’s on game pass bro. You should try it with me sometime👍


My friend @Hu1k_Daddy I’m going to download the game since your mentioned it , and Ill let you know so we can play together… never played that game but surely will do man :slight_smile:

thank you . invitation accepted man :slight_smile:

This thread makes me uncomfortable

why man ?

if you find Elite not fare then don’t ever do Master by friend that Flock you had issues with will regenerate health and sponge all of your ammo lol

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i’ve switched (partly) to Ravensburger puzzles with my wife, faaaar less stressful and more enjoyable…

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I’m detecting previously unprecedented levels of meta trolling.

I play on Master to get those rare cards. It’s actually not bad if you have a good team but I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

The most annoying enemies are Guardians and Sentinels as their shields seem to have way too much health. Swarmaks and Matriarchs are not fun either.

The other annoying this is getting more than 5 green cards for completing a Master run.

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Yup they are casual… I don’t like Puzzles… I think @Omen_LP should play draughts or chess :smile:

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Working on a puzzle with my hot wife dressed in sexy lingerie, bent over the bar height table, is not a bad way to spend an evening. :wink:


Played elite yesterday,first time ( wave 16 onwards),yes it was a breathe of fresh air to me,I used jack,because other gamers was using my character(keegan),loving it thou😍

Yes it can be quite jarring initially as you step up the difficulty. You’ll soon adjust.

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Noticed a few people in-game complaining about being downed in one shot from an enforcer on Insane after wave 30… But these individuals also like to stand in the front lines to try and get kills. Or they sit in non-ideal cover with heavy weapons.

Higher difficulties require good cards, sound knowledge of how the mechanics work and strong teamwork. You can’t expect to just join a match and bang your head against the wall until a victory screen appears. The fun of the game comes from learning how all the characters function and work together.

In a lot of ways you can compare it to Rainbow Six siege, a game that I liked but decided to stop playing due to not having fun with it (sound familiar?). Sure you can just join and shoot stuff, but the real fun comes from learning every single character and what they can and can’t bring to each match.

TLDR: My advice to the OP would be just move on to something you do have fun with. If your primary goal when gaming is to enjoy the time you spend doing it, then find a game that fulfills that goal. It sounds to me like you made your mind up already.

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My advice here is to at the very least leave the extra damage modifier off. It is what makes the enemies deal so much damage it’s nearly unbearable after a certain point or difficulty. The easiest/most “fun” jn my view is to have Regen Penalty, Execution Rules, Regeneration(for enemies) and Power Drain enabled for Elite. You can restart the wave in case of a failure and enemies will neither sponge much nor do absurd levels of damage. Of course, if you do not care to have Survivor enabled and the match be over, then turn it on and either disable one of the others or do Insane.

Although neither of this makes the Claw Drones any less obnoxious… well, actually, slightly. But they’re still far too annoying regardless.


Im sorry man… I think that with that description you should keep at playing puzzles , forget about chess, gears and any other game for that matter !! :smile:

The cards are the problem sence they been nerf to the ground if compare to Gears 4 i believe the cards in G4 made the enemy’s tolerable example they had a card for dealing damage which if i do remember it started at like 20% more damage with the weapon depending which class u had and it could be max for a total of 100% more damage (100% for rifles 60% for snipers 120% for shotgun 120% for explosive weapons when card level max) and compare that to G5 and boy is just sad

Sadly we’ve been complaining about this since Gears 5 released. Without stim you go down instantly. Enemies take a ■■■■ load of bullets if your not using the right perks or weapons. It is impossible to go outside your base unless you have cloak. If a boss gets past your fences it’s game over.
Unfortunately your composition plays a big part of it. It mostly follows as such

Engineer. Either will work honestly. I’ve done it but right now most want Baird for the bleeding fences. Once that’s patched, Del because of fort health and higher discount. Kat is for die hards who want a better distraction ult.

Jack. As you said you go down in the blink of an eye. That’s why Jack is vital and he is the money maker with the forge. This lets you build all those fences and sentries to stop things from getting in. Smelting bonus is a must. Explosive hijack is nice to bring too. So long as you have smelting bonus lvled up most people wont complain if their Jack is low lvl because everyone wants Jack but no one wants to play him. So long as you revive people and smelt guns they’re happy. Seriously, if the lobby says 18 only, reup 25. You can go in with a lvl 5 Jack who reupped once. If your smelting is lvled up they won’t boot you.

JD. The boss killer. Give him a weapons locker full of GLs and boomshots. With enough bleed dmg he is suppose to kill any boss before it gets inside. Launcher capacity and razorhail are a must.

Kait. Same deal as JD almost. She gets gnasher and overkills. Best for clearing away everything else. JD is better at bosses because his explosions hit everywhere. Kait kinda sucks against matriarch unless all enemies are dead and she can circle around it to hit it’s weak spot. Laceration and blood resonance required.

The 5th slot is basically the free soldier. It can be anyone provided the other 4 are taken care of. This slot usually sits back and provided support via tri shot. Most have a preferred 5th class but if the first 4 are met you stand a good chance at clearing masters.

This is the reason masters is broken. You literally need to bring this setup or something very similar to it. Without it you dont stand much of a chance. 4 of your party members are chosen for you and that leaves 1 slot free to play as whoever they want. That’s only provided the other 4 are lvled up and know how to play their role.
Even if the party comp is ideal its going to be the same thing. Forge first, then locker for JD/Kait. Then an assload of barriers backed up by sentries and shocks. JD is spamming GLs, Kaits spamming overkill, Jack is rezzing, smelting when 5 enemies are left, engineer is repairing/refilling, 5th person is using heavy weapons. No one is going outside the base except Kait with her ult. It can get boring after awhile.
I’ve done masters without a Jack and since everyone else was doing their jobs we pulled through. We had to play even more defensively though. If you got down you need to crawl back to us to get revived. Better hope there isn’t a pouncer. I’ve even done Masters with JD or a Kait, not both. If we only had a Kait we were praying the boss wasn’t a matriarch. I’ve never done masters without an engineer since they are the only ones who can upgrade.

As mentioned by


Unless you want to go for masters for a higher chance of rare cards it’s best to turn off double health and dmg. The only issue you will have is if regen is on and the boss is a matriarch. Bleed really helps when killing her because you have to work as a team. If someone doesnt have a locker of GLs with bleed you need to surround her and constantly hit her backside so she doesn’t heal.