How i would redesign gears controls so anyone could drop in and have fun

First of all i would get rid of hard aiming and focus on hip fire like some other games do. lets be honest, gears 1 was unique for moving and shooting with a hip fire shotgun. its time we get blind fire its own aiming reticle. its strange that the only weapon that supports move and shoot is an inconsistent shotgun, every other gears weapon is inaccurate and does not support the movement that makes gears special. that needs to be addressed.

now that the LT trigger is free, i would use that to stick to cover. so all you have to do to wall bounce like every other maniac is hold down LT and move the thumbstick as much as you want.

this will make the game easy to use its mechanics for anyone and support what made gears fun with hip fire. the game can be more than just a hip fire shotgun. we could hip fire anything.

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nope, why do you hate it?

Gears is a third person shooter, aiming is half the game, you take away aiming then whats the point of any long range weapon.

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hip fire still counts as aiming. basically i want hard aim accuracy on the hip fire without having to sacrifice movement

but without the crosshair how do you know where your aiming, plus it kinda takes the skill out of aiming.

did you not read my post? i said add a reticle(crosshair).

if we can move and shoot with every weapon it will actually add more skill in fun ways that matter

I did read your post, sorry I missed that.

I dont know, from a PvE standpoint I dont like this, and I dont think the community would be thrilled either.


i think its time for gears to have more accurate hipfire weapons than just the shotgun. gears doesnt need hard aim as it just slows the game down. i doubt the devs would ever change it though but for me, thats the direction i would go

BIG no to hip fire aim only with a reticle. I’m fine with that in an FPS like Halo but for a third person shooter I would absolutely hate it.

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Lol. This thread.

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I think hip fire reticule used to be a thing in Judgment, if I remember correctly. I had no problem with it.

It also still allowed aiming, if that was the case, but I don’t remember having a hipfire reticle on the screen unless it was a small dot in the middle of it.

There’s aim assist in the game already. If you want more help there’s streamers and YouTubers putting up clips. Just plug in the controller and pretend you are the one playing the game.


i want aiming to still be the same, except we get to move fast while doing it

This is just an awful idea all round. Hard aiming is a fundamental part of the mechanics of the game, one which I’m sure the vast majority of Gears players use and enjoy. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re in a minority of 1 with this suggestion, it’s honestly quite absurd.

And just to be clear, wall-bouncing alone does not make you a good player.


wall bouncing doesnt make you a good player, but its what you need if you want to stand a chance. why should fast movement be locked behind a non intuitive system that new players dont even bother to learn

i never hard aimed with the gears 1 shotgun so its not fundamental at all. just make all the other weapons accurate with hip fire too and add a crosshair.

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WELL first. Id make the controls actually work. When you press a input. It will do that said input. And it would be responsive.