How I Would Alter Totems for the Next Wave

The idea behind Totems is great and I hope it continues. However, the point I feel where they went wrong is locking an actual CHARACTER behind these totems. Characters should be readily available to all players so that anyone can experience them as soon as they pick up the game…Terminator pack characters being an exception because licensing, etc.

What the Totem challenges or pay to complete reward should be is an additional SKIN for the related character.

For example, if this were used in this wave of characters they released, the COG Gear would have been available to every player for use in Horde, Escape, or Versus the moment you updated the game. Then completion of the Totem would net you the Onyx Guard skin. Those that want the skin without doing the challenges can purchase it for the 500 iron straight away, and those that want to complete the challenges would have no time restriction to unlock the Onyx Guard for their character.

The other reward skins that could have been used for characters that released in this wave could have been:

  • Raam - Sraak skin
  • DB - Jinn Bot
  • Warden - Helmetless

If they did this going forward it would mean everyone would get their gears characters right at their drop, no grind or pay of any kind, and if they wanted to make their character more unique then they would need to complete the challenges or buy the skin. And furthermore, what is to stop TC from adding another totem for the same character down the line? I would much rather see totems for character skins rather than have them lumped into the ToD.

They have confirmed that the Onyx Guard is going to be in the next tour of duty. Well what if you don’t unlock him during that time? What if you don’t pick up the game until after that season has ended? This eliminates the problem of being locked out of some more popular character skin unlocks. Purchase or challenges would always be available to the player no matter when they decide to play.

We all know Cole, Baird, Dizzy, Paduk, Anya, Locust characters, etc. are coming down the line. I would rather let everyone have access to these characters right away and earn/pay for skins like, Superstar Cole, Engineer Baird, Big Rig Dizzy, UIR Paduk, Tomorrow Anya, Savage Locusts, etc. through these Totems.


“No! This idea is way to consumer friendly and would show that we listen to the community or actually care- TC”

Pretty solid idea though. But if they did that then what kind of half-hearted content will they add to the Tour of Duty in Op2 maybe more banners? We definitely need more banner


I say add primarily more skins for the base characters that launched with the game. As TC adds more characters through these updates they can begin to add more skins for them into the ToD. (like what they are doing with Onyx Guard in operation 2).

I would much rather see “fun” skins in the ToD over popular/story related skins as was the case in this first tour.

Biker Marcus, Luchador Oscar, Color Blast, Day of the Dead, Zombie…put it in the ToD

Classic Delta Squad skins, Variants of characters like Hoffman, Anya, and Sam, Locust Skins for Swarm…make it a Totem

The only skin I need for Hoffman is him in a banana hammock.


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you certainly havent got your head screwed on if you want color blast or day of the dead skins back


Beach Hoffman
Dom the Tom (Just Dom in a giant tomato costume complete with green jester hat)
Mac as a Leprechaun

All ToD in my scenario haha

Where did I say I want them back? I would like new ideas to come to fruition for skins.

I gave an example of what I meant by “fun” skins using the skins from the prior entry.

'I would much rather see “fun” skins in the ToD over popular/story related skins as was the case in this first tour.

Biker Marcus, Luchador Oscar, Color Blast, Day of the Dead, Zombie…put it in the ToD’

that is you

These character unlocks aren’t linked to the TOD so will be available forever to unlock.

Onyx Guard is a skin, not a character. And is going to be a part of operation 2. Yes you will be able to get COG Gear, but not Onyx Guard if you don’t play January-March 2020.

@D4NG3R0US_D4V3 , way to take things out of context. Yes, that is what I said. And if you combine it with my entire statements I’m saying if something is going to be time locked in ToD I would rather it be a “fun” skin like those from the prior game and not a skin people who have played Gears would know who it is.

Onyx Guard being in the ToD means you better play during operation 2 to get him or you are out of luck. But if he were rewarded through a Totem he would be available forever to all players. I’d rather see lore skins available to everyone without time restriction.

i wouldnt say that was entirely out of context