How I believe Gears 6 will start off *SPOILERS*

I’m pretty sure most of having finished the campaign and had to come to a very emotional choice between JD or Del, Being that The Coalition continues the Gears Of War stories off of the lore, I’m 100% certain that JD will survive in Gears 6, If you paid very close attention in the campaign during Del and Kait in the huge snow world they were hoping to find the New Hope Facility Kait says “I think JD has changed ever since he got his coma” Del would continue to follow up by saying “Maybe you’re right, he has changed”. but, we never got to see how or when JD gets his injuries, but I’m hoping when the Gears 6 campaign starts off that it will do a “flashback” to Gears 5 on how JD has come upon his injuries. JD being the son of the legendary Marcus Fenix who has already lost so much in his lifetime I couldn’t let JD go, JD wants nothing but to impress his parents like any other kid would, And I’m sure that in Gears 6 yes, Marcus Fenix will pass away knowing that JD was a hero to planet Sera.

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Pretty sure it’s implied that JD’s injuries were from the misfired hammer of dawn that killed Lizzie.


You think? That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t really sure to lean on it just because we never saw him get hurt.

Common sense would make you think so. Usually standing right next to a giant laser beam capable of completely obliterating a Swarmak isn’t exactly going to be healthy. The severely burnt arm which still caused JD pain months after the Settlement 2 incident with the Hammer and the scar on his face - which also goes down to his neck - would indicate that.

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Marcus might be laying in his grave😭I’ve not played the campaign yet,but I’ve watched countless streams.on mixer/twitch/you tube🥺

There was really nothing behind Del, felt like a tag along comic relief character most of the time, i thought at least. Would make sense for JD to survive, just makes me wonder why they gave us the choice though if it doesn’t matter who we pick


JD got hurt in Act 1.

There isn’t going to be a gears 6. This franchise is dead.


I would counter argue that JD’s death could be cannon as in a scene just before your faced with “the choice” he says to Marcus see you on the other side. Little to clever word play for my liking plus personally I picked Del to survive in my first run through anyways. I see alot of people making the argument that JD will survive because x this or x that. But the choice was Kaits to make and I felt her character would have choosen Del over JD at that moment because he had stuck by her whereas JD kinda turned his back. Plus twice in the game Del was saved from near death so idk. I think Del will live. Plus JDs (or I guess Del’s to depending on your pick) body was never recovered so I think it would be cool to see JD come back twisted/infected by the swarm as a means to torture the other characters for the decisions they made against him in the past. Ie Marcus failing his son, “Uncle” Braid never having that talk, Del’s failure as as friend and ultimately Kaits decision to save Del.


Lol ya… nope.

Stop the bickering and get a grip of yourselves, boys. You’ve ruined an honest thread from someone just sharing his thoughts. Christ.

Anyway, @zZwifty, I agree with J.D. surviving.’it just seems more probable. As others have stated, he got his injuries during the first, and unsuccessful, firing of the Hammer of Dawn in the first Act. Marcus dying in Gears 6 is an obvious choice and, while my loyalties lie with the Queen, I can’t say I’d like to see it. He’s too likeable.

But who knows?

Apologies, back on topic.

As people have said JD’s injury was from the hammer as was the coma. As for the change in the way he acted that was due to the fallout with Kait and Del finding out he gave the order for what went down in settlement 2.

As for Markus dying I honestly hope not, guy deserves a break after all the hell he has been through. Would not be surprised is Baird or Cole dies however, especially with the fake out with cole in gears 5.

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Imagine reporting comments when I was stating my opinion about how gears 6 will start off lul.

OT: Good idea!

I wouldn’t put anything past The Coalition at this point. They’ve shown what’s important to them and its not quality storytelling.

This isn’t a trilogy, it’s an ongoing saga. The story won’t end in 6. Further everyone on these forbid thinks you have to kill people off for a good story, the idea is absolutely idiotic.

Marcus isn’t going to be killed off. Rod said long ago he’s off limits. He’s too important to the brand, not just the series. And he’s a driving force to the story.

They know the ramifications of not having him, I. Fact killing of jd or Del was done to bring him back into the fold permanently. The entire delta crew are too popular, it’s. Not happening, not with him or any member of old delta. They’re like master chief. They’re critical to the ongoing story, they’re critical to the ongoing saga, and anchors to past games.

Gears 6 will start off as you being a locust. A special locust. Sleeveless beat cog armor and a makeshift helmet. with a stim pack on his right arm. A sniper takes a shot at the swarm commando.

Its revealed to be a locust/human hybrid. A hybrid with the same purity as Myyrah. Jd is the locust hybrid. Its cut back to Kait and del and Kait finds out she is still linked to the locust hive-mind and can sense JD. She believes its a nightmare

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I’ve been thinking about it and I bet the next games starts by asking you who you saved in the last game. Then the story will play out accordingly.

I just finished my insane playthrough so I got to do both options and there is almost no change at all. I don’t think it will go deeper than that either. Im betting that in 6 it will basically be the same story either way too. I feel like they added it because they wanted to give the player the feel of being “more involved.” Just my opinion though.

You do know they’re eventually going to die of old age, right? They can’t be around forever. At best in pictures or flashbacks, statues, recordings, whatever. And I’m not so sure about their ‘immunity’ with them making us think Cole might or might not be dead when his mech got ripped in half.

It’s a video game character., they never have to advance the story that far :roll_eyes:

Baird is too important to die : he have created Dave, Jack, Junior and Betty big bots, repaired satellites…, and others weapons…