How Horde became unplayable

Myself, like many others probably enjoy Horde mode the most from the Gears franchise, this fun mode which is strategic and has layers of difficulty feels extremely rewarding to play… Gears 5 brings this to a whole new level where the difficulty level is immense, it’s felt past level 30 and personally I find it extremely difficult on experienced let alone the 5 tiers of difficulty above this difficulty level.

The problem I have with horde doesn’t lie in the difficulty or anything like bugs etc (though Jack is pretty damn buggy…) it’s the playability of Horde and the players within horde. When joining a game, I have no idea who the host is as no crown shows and I also have no idea what their current state of mentality is. I will start a match, get kicked instantly, at round 5-10-15-20-25-30, and so on, you get the gist. This means I’m forced into private lobbies where the AI does not scale at all and do not deposit energy meaning that the mode is literally unplayable since when I have enough to fortify it’ll be in vain since it’ll be destroyed due to the wave being too high for what little fortifications are out and from the lack of power around the field.

The players will kick with no reason out of spite and personally, I think this is due to the game being on the pass letting many people in that would of never considered Gears as a purchase. I can appreciate how this is beneficial for TC, however it’s attracting awful players (and the report function on PC doesn’t work/ isn’t a thing so they go around trolling).

Another awful, awful aspect is that Ice Map. Imagine starting the match for someone to shoot the ice and you die over and over and over. With 0 repercussions on their part. How did this get through the playability stage? I have to stick to non ice areas and therefore cannot play the game to its fullest or even enjoy it. Unfortunately, I don’t play too much as I study for a Masters degree and all my friends either do not play games or play different genres etc so I cannot avoid this by pre grouping up.

I would like some sort of consensus on the state of horde and if the team at TC plan to address these concerns as for me, if they are not fixed within a suitable time after release I will simply forgo playing Gears completely until possibly the next game in the series.

Many thanks,

To give some depth to the points I’ve explained;
1; When hosting a game yourself you see the crown as you are the host, when you join a random game online there is no crown to denote whom the host is.
2; The Ice Map (Ice Bound) has massive sheets of Ice where the horde spawns, so what happens is certain members of the community will shoot the ice when you’re in cover or just running and you instantly die from freezing to death.
3; The AI when hosting a game seems to be okay for a few waves on beginner but when you go to intermediate and experienced and not even counting the 5 difficulty layers above that. It’s impossible to play since the AI will literally just die/ cannot deposit energy / help with fortifications making it impossible to get anywhere/ fortify.