How has no one complained about this yet?

The meatshield is completely useless in this game. It does not, i repeat, DOES NOT protect against grenades no matter your health level. What happened? It protected you in gears 4 so why not now? If your meatshield is bodied by a shotgun, you’re at a disadvantage because you can get shot again before you have a chance to shoot. I’ve also gotten shot through the meatshield multiple times which baffles me. Do they shoot my arm thats sticking out? Bottom line the meatshield is more of a burden than a help and I’m surprised no one else has posted about this.


Yeah I thought meatshields were fine in Gears 4. Not sure why they made them so useless in this game.


TC is basically on a mission to see how bad they can make the game before the rest of the player base leaves.


I don’t use them so much, but I feel like they are still annoying to deal with when someone wields them in 5. I would say if the grenade is right at your feet or behind you then it should blow you up. I can understand if it directly in front of the meat shield that you would not expect to die

Let’s be honest; meat shield is gimmick mechanic that should never have been added to GOW in the first place. The primary reason things like this and other gimmick mechanics (e.g., mantle kick) contaminated the core formula established by GOW1 is that gamers, gaming “journalists,” and game developers had this goofy obsession with “innovation” back in the mid-to-late 2000s, such that if a game didn’t have gameplay mechanics to point to that were “new and different” from the previous iteration, it would be criticized for recycling the same formula. This is also, for example, how gameplay in the Halo franchise eventually became a bloated mess, starting with innocuous additions like “equipment” in Halo 3, and culminating with the insanity of Halo 5, which includes such incredible “innovations” as Spartan charge and ground pound.

In the current era of gaming, we’ve finally realized that making pointless additions to an established, successful forumla is a bad idea. However, back when GOW2 was coming out, Epic needed “new and exciting” things to highlight in trailers and marketing. Hence, the aesthetically interesting, but ultimately pointless “meat shield” mechanic.

In terms of the OP’s complaint in this thread, I disagree. Meat shield was so overpowered in GOW4 that it was a detriment to the gameplay. It’s still not something that should be in the game imo, but at least it’s toned down. It pointlessly slows down the pace of play, but at least you aren’t a mobile fortress anymore.


Even weirder that it can’t protect you against grenades when you realize Gears 2 has an achievement for doing exactly that, and it’s been like that until Gears 5.


I’d be surprised if there’s anything the Gears community hasn’t complained about.


Haha this!

Wonder what’s next? “I don’t like the font”


This was one of my first complaints the first week of release

Meatshied has been pretty OP since its inception. I’m kinda glad they’ve turned it down a notch. You shouldn’t have such a big advantage being able to stroll around and wreck people with a pistol just for meatshielding, it should be a last resort to stop yourself being hit by incoming fire and not to a stupid degree.

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You can actually knife people through the meat shield in some cases, dunno if that’s still true.

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I figure that the fact that some people can’t even play is a higher priority but yeah I’ve had this problem as well. I only use meat shields to secure my kills anyway as they are useless and executions take forever and shooting someone on the ground can ruin my chance for my kills.

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have to say it’s a bit annoying that meat shields will only stop one leech in horde.

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How was the meat shield op? Throw a smoke at them. Done.

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With basically any weapon but gnasher.

Oh my God, there you go.

Meat shields are whack anyway. Im more concerned with them fixing the simple shotgun dynamics they’ve screwed up so badly

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Gears 5 is the Comic Sans of the franchise.


If they want to be innovative they should add the ability for the player to fight off the perpetrator when being held as a meat shield.

The one thing I am glad they nerfed with meatshield is the melee range. And if we are being honest a meat shield shouldn’t ever have saved you from a grenade. If two players are standing in a line and take a grenade in front it isn’t like the guy in the back survives…so a meatshield which is an already mutilated body shouldn’t be able to save you either.