How hard is it to play as Jack in horde?

When you play with randoms, you always bound to get one or two players who have absolute no idea how to shoot or play as Jack, let alone controlling the map. I mean I can understand that some people will struggle if they are new to this game, that’s fine. But seriously, how can you mess up as Jack? But saying that, I’ve noticed it doesn’t matter what exp you are, some players are just clueless in the game.

It looks like some people forget his role and responsibilities, hence why he is the “support” class in the team. It’s simple. Revive players, heal players, carry ammo boxes (early stage of the game), repair fortifications (when needed), smelt weapons and make sure no-one dies in the game. That’s it. It really isn’t that hard to play him.

I normally play on master difficulty and I’ve seen some Jacks just go out there zapping the enemies. Why??? I was playing with random Jack yesterday and he was re-up sixteen (not new to the game) he had no idea what he was doing, Basically, he was going out smelting the weapons during the start of the wave and kept on going down lot of times and to top it up he immediately left the game when the boomshot scions blew up the forge and the host decided to end the game. Call it “peak” but whatever. I mean the best strategy would be staying back at the base and revive the team or keep healing Kait while she is wiping out the enemies. The best part is when Jack hijacks a drone, meanwhile, the whole team at the back of the base are pretty much are dead or dbno. It gets to a stage where you just have to laugh at it :joy:.

Some players pick the wrong cards when they play as Jack to. The portable resupply is another card that some players don’t have when they play as Jack, its the best card to remain invincible during the waves when you are carrying the weapons. The repair speed is another handy card for Jack, the engineer will always will need your help to repair fortifications that are on low health (if needed).



Some people just don’t seem to understand this. They want to play any role they want and not be stuck with a fixed set of responsibilities.

It’s spelt “invisible”. :wink:

Thanks lol

It’s spelled invisible here :wink:

I am glad that there is an ocean between us. :smiley:


I cant stand playing as jack. That ■■■■ is sooooooooo boring.


why are most of jacks high level cards geared towards taking control of the enemies -

To be fair, I can’t stand JD’s :rocket:.


Yep sad true jack become boring when you play to much of him because the only fun you can can get is hijacking enemy and it’s limited after that back to the grinding weapon machine (forge) and healing player

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I agree bro

Hijacking is the only fun part of jack but yeah he lack card for passive stuff and hijacking even if as some good one they don’t last in master

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Honestly they should change jacks passive to kills with hijack extend hijack by 4 seconds or something. They made coles passive do like 2 things at once so I don’t see why they couldn’t.

Would have liked jack to have a shield,at least not on harder modes,this way jack could get some extra kills and/or get DBNO without going downing himself,No disrespect in saying this,I don’t get bored of jack,it’s a breath of fresh air,flying around and picking up DBNO and getting extra light from the power taps and occasionally getting a few the hijacking thou

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Kudos to anyone that plays Jack. I find it so monumentally boring I usually end up tethered to a Kait and watch while she outscores JD. Quite often I surf the internet while holding down the left trigger even on the highest difficulties.

Then it’s a race to pick up weapons which is equally as boring, hell I wouldn’t mind if all I had to do was pick up and it auto smelted when in proximity of a forge. Or you had a card which let you pick up multiple weapons, you know so then I could spend some time repairing or picking up ammo.

I’d offer higher XP to play as Jack because it’s such a boring role yet essential on higher levels.

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I agree. I’m a damn good Jack but he needs more options to make smelting faster, and one more offensive card wouldn’t hurt either.

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He has already a perk for that extend 20% max when you kill enemy I think they need to buff the passive perk or put 2 passive perk at the same time , even the card that give 20 % on kill is only cool in fun party master you shoot sponge it’s ineffective

is not hard, is boring

Just gotta beam ya boy.