How hard is it to get top 1000 competitive ranking?

I’ll be real guys I suck at PvP but those skins for top 1k look nice af. Trouble is I imagine you actually need to be good and not just play a lot to get top 1k so how hard is it these days? Also when are the skin rewards given out? At the end of each OP?

It will be easier in less popular modes, skill is not important because its based on total score within the mode and not abillity although the better you are, the easier it will be to rack up points.


being a good player will help but it’s the other way around. quit your job and grind 8 hours a day and you’ll be in the top 1000

skill is not taken into account for the Leaderboards.


What he said. Winning speeds up the process, but it’s really about how much you play.

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If you win 90% of your games you’ll get there much quicker and will only have to play half as often at best as someone who only wins 40% of their games. This is from casual observation of the numbers. I haven’t actually done any math.

Yes anyone with no job and a lot of dedication can make it. But it’s not ALL about how much time you put in.


Thanks for the responses guys. Do you know if you get the reward as soon as you hit 1000? Or is it given out at the end of an OP or something?

End of Operation. And you have to end in the top 1000 to get the skins. Not like previous Operations when you for example “secured” your Master skins for hitting Masters once even if you ended in Onyx.

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There’s no difficulty at all,

It literally just takes time.


Not too difficult. I’d say it’s doable for an average player. Even top 100 aren’t necessarily very good. I’m probably just average (can’t bounce, dont have a stack, don’t use mic, medium sniping skill) but I’ve beaten maybe half the top 100. I’m in 300s in Execution now. Unfortunately I’ve discovered to get top 100 is next to impossible unless you started grinding very early in the operation because it’s based on total accumulated points not what ranks you perform well or win against.

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Wait an operation is like 2 and half months straight sheesh. As a horde player this seems like a massive amount to play. I’d assume execution is a fairly popular game mode too. Wonder which mode is the most optimal for those skins.

I want to see a live reaction of player 1001


1001st player tryna get into top 1000:

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whats hard about getting top 1000? you don’t need wins or anything. you need kills, hill caps, assists. thats pretty much it… one guy on my team had 5 kills and majority of the hill caps, meanwhile i had 50 kills but like 1 hill cap and he got second and i got first. so i guess it’s really not that hard at all.

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Top 1k easy, top 100 only play that mode 8+ hours a day


You dont need to be good at this game in the slightest to get top 1000. All you need is time. The more you play, the more points you’ll get which means you’ll get ranked higher.


Oh that’s good for me then. I just gotta worry about time investment.

Heads up… if you dont get TOP 1000 for the obsidian heroic lancer in PVP or TOP 100 for the heroic Gnasher

Just Re Up and get these…

They look nice and they’d go well with the heroic skins. I was wondering about comp skins because they’re black and gold so they’re more different to the ones you get from level 20 classes.

It’s not that hard. I playe once every 3 days . I sit between 1,400 and 1,500.

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For how long do you play? And which mode? If it’s a less popular mode I imagine it’d be easier.