How good is Scorpio squad now?

Done about 5 or so runs on Master’s difficulty, have yet to see anyone use Mac/Lahni, was wondering if they are much more viable now, builds, etc.

Edit: I know how good Keegan is, the others are what I’m wondering about.

Edit #2 I was speaking about Horde exclusively lol, should’ve reiterated that :smirk:

There’s plenty of good characters now why would people use old characters ANYWAYS, yknow? They’re almost all useable.

They stealth nerfed Mac and Lahni’s venom resistance from 50 to 30 so it could be that the new meta is Kait, Cole and Paduk.

I used Mac for The Malfunction yesterday, even with the Venom Resistance nerf he is still a strong character, and I was getting his barrier back very quickly, with his barrier lasting a long time (I’d love to see how long it would last with Barrier Battery).

Lahni is still a strong character, you just have to be a tad more calculated when you go to melee enemies.

I did The Malfunction with a full Scorpio squad and they are still very strong, its just that the other options now are very strong, Kait, Fahz, Cole, Lizzie, JD and Emile are all viable characters in Escape.


I love having options