How Gears could get its groove back

So, I know this topic has been run into the ground multiple times, but Gears really needs a real comeback currently. The best way for TC to do this (cue the groans) is to make a Gears 2 remaster.

Hear me out. Before Gears 4 came out, TC went ahead and remastered the classic Gears 1. While I understand that this was intended at getting TC’s feet wet in the Gears Universe, it also acted as a great way to bring back Gears veterans and new players alike, and helped with bringing back the Gears hype.

I am by no means saying Gears 5 is a “terrible game”. It’s not. It has plenty of flaws that need ironing out, but from a general overview, the game is fine. But just fine. It needed to be the next big thing in the series, and kinda just fell flat. With that being said, it left a lot of fans disheartened and they up and left, leaving only the diehard fans, which are few and far between.

I love Gears of War and always will. Gears 2 was and is my favorite in the franchise. To give it a new coat of paint, rework the multiplayer and clunky movement, and to bring back some of the greatest Gears maps, would do wonders for this community. I have never seen a community quite so passionate about what they play, and I mean that in a good way. A Gears 2 remaster would allow TC to reinvigorate the Gears base, as well as give them time to reorganize themselves and prepare for the final chapter in the Gears series (Gears 6). With Rod gone, they are going to need time to make sure this final game hits all the right notes. So why not take their time with it, make a game that the fans would love, and put the rest of their time and resources obtained from the remaster, and make Gears 6 one of the best in the series.

Let me know what you think! I understand everyone is going to have their own opinion on the matter, so please be civil (I’d rather not have my thread locked down). Remember, at the end of the day, we’re all Gears.

For me to play more (again) I’d need horde matches that didn’t assume that’s the only thing I want to do in a day. I felt guilty spending 2 hours in gears 4 so now that 5 wants 3 hours then I have to choose between being a responsible adult and playing to completion.
After that stop forcing players to quit if somebody else also wants to play the same character. It ruins matches. If I want to play a character then I should be allowed. If you want uniqueness then break it into 2 modes one where it’s unique only and the other where you can have fun and play how you want.
Then a 3rd improvement would be to give scrap for cards that you can’t use. It’s very frustrating to work hard for nothing that looks like something but is actually just a reminder that you wasted your time. I know this would afford people the flexibility of playing easier matches and still getting the cards that they want but people bought the game to get what they want not to be bullied , teased and jerked around by other peoples pre-concieved notions.
One last potential improvement - reward people that play all 50 waves of horde with a card that is worth it to them - I’d look at the max available and the max needed and equipped . You would definitely see a lot more people playing 50 if it was worth something to them.