How gears 5 operations should have been

Things weren’t so good with gears 5 at launch but they are getting better but that mess could’ve been avoided. So here’s is my opinion of how the operation system should be. I’ll be sticking to what they have been doing (only 2 maps and characters at a time even though it sucked)

Operation 1 Brothers in arms - Even though we were supposed to have og delta squad at launch we were shocked to see only Marcus from delta the rest only arriving In later ops.
•Cole •Baird •Dom •Theron gaurd •Drone •Kantus
•Allfathers arena •Day one

Operation 2 Bloody Reunion - we were introduced to ffa in this op which was awesome but the lack of characters and maps still made this op bad.
•Anthony •Ben •Clayton •Raam• Skorge• Myrrah
•Pahanu •Canals

Operation 3 Green as Grass- this was also a very good op introducing gridiron and adding the carmines at last but the maps were still a bit disappointing at that point.
•Gary •Lizzy • DeeBee • Warden •Rager •grenadier
•Reactor •Blodrive •Checkout

Operation 4 Old Friends- we’ve come to the point where TC have upped their game and hope that they continue to improve.
•Anya •Sam •Cog Gears •Paduk •UIR Gears • Karn •Sraak •Jermad • Ketor Vrol
•?newmap? •River • mercy

From now I don’t know what to expect but here are my ideas.

Operation 5 Good old bad days
•Minh •Hoffman •Tai •Jace •Barrick . Lambent variations.
•?newmap? •?newmap? •Jacinto •old town

Operation 6 (gears tactics)
•gabe •sid •Michelle •Reyna •Oscar ( gears tactics enemies)
?newmap? ?newmap?

Operation 7 In loving memory
•Maria •Carlos• Valera •Adam Fenix (no ideas for locust)
•?newmap? •?newmap? Gridlock • Trenches

Those r just some of my ideas. Let me know what u guys think

Cheers :ok_hand:t2:

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Lol it’s just how I wished the operations were lol

Operation 7 could have all the savage locust variations

Don’t hold your breath for Jace. Michael B. Jordan went and became famou$.

They could’ve stuck with the Judgement theme in Op 4 a little more(at least, given that we got Paduk and Karn) and also given us Sofia(albeit likely would only have been a Versus character til they get rid of the hero class locks[good riddance]…). But I guess the earliest we’ll see that is Op 5… if ever. Certainly not gonna get my hopes up there.

(In case anyone wonders, I mostly care about the character for personality, and besides that I don’t expect TC to bring that model over 100% accurately like Sam and Anya in Gears 4/5 for their Gears 3/“V-Day” versions don’t look exactly the same as their appearances in 3.)

Common man thats not a good joke hahahaha

They need to bring back Mansion and Tyro station