How Fun is Spotter Support Paired with Interrogation? Gears 5 Horde

It shouldn’t be a bug because if you read the description of all the Skill Cards involved they are working exactly like they should be.& due to the fact that it’s not super easy to do this I believe this was what TC had intended to do.

No I mean is it a bug that you get extra damage from Artillery, just because you have active reloaded an unrelated weapon? A bit like the breaker mac/incendiary damage bug for Striker.

No I don’t think it is. Active reloads always amplify bleed damage for pretty much any class no matter what. That’s why Infiltrator can be super devastating when pre-activing an Overkill before wrecking a boss…for example.

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I used to do that in Gears 4 as Soldier, plant a load of grenades and then the put an active on my Lancer just before the wave started .
Worked a treat.

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If you look at both the Custom Boomshot Card & the Custom Lancer GL card they both say, " Active Effects" the game encourages Active Reloading.