How Fun is Spotter Support Paired with Interrogation? Gears 5 Horde

The glitch part is that if you get enough kills to immediately recharge your artillery, the clock will go all the way around, and then be set at 0 again, so even though the recharge has happened, it won’t give you another use of the artillery until the timer goes round a 2nd time (and even then you have to wait - this 2nd cooldown seems to be unaffected by damage done). Basically it’s as if Confirmed Kill isn’t equipped and you start on 0 again (as if any bleed damage done hasn’t been applied either).

That’s a bug then, not a glitch, because it provides no use to the player seeing as they can’t drop another ult on the enemies.

Wow what a great discussion from y’all it’s awesome reading all these posts. :slight_smile:

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You keep making the videos, and we’ll keep discussing them!

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We are just trying this and can’t seem to make it work anywhere near as effectively as this. The demo has maxed cards and the tactician is level 4 or higher. When we do the meatshield his artillery only seems to hit a few enemies and it certainly doesn’t recharge his ultimate all the way. More like 20%. And this is even whilst the tactician is running recharge bounty which should further reduce demo cooldown. Am I being thick?

1:57 - Flock. No Officer’s Prerogative mark. 1/2 Ult recharged. Boomshotting Flock made it 5/6, No perks

2:49 - Warden. No Officer’s Prerogative mark? 1/2 Ult recharged. No perks

3:29 - Stump. No Officer’s Prerogative mark, 11/12th Ult recharged. Lvl 10 Ult CD.

3:38 - 2nd Stump. Marked 2 with Officer’s Prerogative but not the Stump, 1/4th Ult recharged but the heavy bleeding on Stump made it 2/3rd. Lvl 10 Ult CD

4:04 - Snatcher. Marked 2 with Officer’s Prerogative. Went full but bugged Ult? Lvl 10 Ult CD

4:48 - No boss. No Officer’s Prerogative mark. 5/6 Ult recharged, Lvl 10 Ult CD + Crit Dmg

5:35 - No boss. Grenadier marked, 5/6 Ult recharged. Lvl 10 Ult CD + 9 Crit Dmg

What I’ve gathered from that is that when haven’t spent Ultimate Cooldown perk and it’s Level 0, the Ultimate would recharge to 1/2 half. But when spent to Level 10 Ultimate Cooldown, you start getting 2/3rd, 11/12 or completely full bugged Ultimate. It seems like Level 10 Ultimate Cooldown is the reason you get Ultimate back so fast. But there was only one anomaly at 3:38 where dropping 2nd Artillery on 2nd Stump only recharged to 1/4th which doesn’t make sense, because already had Level 10 Ult Cooldown. I was thinking maybe it was the bleed that recharged Ultimate so fast, after Artillery ended but not so sure.

I want to ask, why use Custom Boomshot and not Custom Lancer GL? Is it because 4 Boomshot is easier to obtain by suiciding to Grenades? Meanwhile, Lancer GL must be bought with 8,000-16,000 power? Or do you think the active effect of Custom Boomshot is stronger than Custom Lancer GL? Custom Boomshot surely is better against Bastion shields but it’s not great on some bosses. Meanwhile the GL would have been been damaging on bosses and flyers, if hadn’t Ultimate recharged yet.

On Tactician’s card setup, I think all they need is Interrogation + Grenade Pouch. The rest doesn’t matter. Even the Speed Loader didn’t seem important for this Artillery Strike build, as it only helps Tactician themself and not others. So Tactician uses something like Amplifier, Interrogation, Shredder, Grenade Pouch and last one would be optional.

I had noticed for most of the clips, no enemies had been marked with Officer’s Prerogative, especially the first three and 6th one, out of seven Demo clips. The 4:48 clip showed no marking with Officer’s Prerogative, yet you still got 5/6th Ultimate recharged, so Officer Prerogative wasn’t actually needed to get Ultimate back fast? The 3:29 clip also got 11/12th Ultimate back without using Officer’s Prerogative too. I know Officer’s Prerogative is meant to be the mass damage version, but only 4:04 clip had the Snatcher directly marked for even more damage. The 3:38 clip had a Reject marked which might’ve been close by to 2nd Stump, but no idea if it hit two birds with one stone. So I’m not 100% sold whether you actually need or properly use Officer’s Prerogative on the mini-bosses and bosses. If Officer’s Prerogative wasn’t really needed, one could use Custom Lancer GL instead.

Thanks for making the video. It seemed very helpful. I never used Confirmed Kill because it didn’t seem to be working for me, but I might try using it.

About the Tactician card setup, have you considered using Healing Modulation instead of Fast Charger? Especially given that, in my experience, whenever these 2 classes do their combo, it is most of the times Tactician setting up the ultimate for Demolitions to use. Also sometimes Tactician uses Salvo instead of Boomshot so no point in having fast active Boomshot if not using them. And the healing module helps everyone not being downed especially combined with the radius :slight_smile:

The way this works is the Tactician meatshields an enemy and the Interrogation card marks all targets within 50m @ level 6. The Demolitions’ player has Spotter Support which allows additional strikes onto all marked targets. Officers Prerogative has nothing to do with marking…all that does is drop additional artillery strikes when you drop your ultimate.

So effectively the ultimate + Spotter Support + Officers Prerogative drops 18 rounds on each marked target.

Confirmed Kill reduces your next ultimate by 25s @ level 6 per artillery strike kill. Bleed kills don’t count and they have to be the artillery strike itself. It takes about 20 or so kills with the Artillery Strike to recharge your ultimate.

Demolitions ultimate recharge time is 10 minutes - and ultimate cooldown perk just reduces that overall time…which allows this combo to be even more efficient.

I hope that clears up some things.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is the significance of active reloading the boomshot before dropping artillery?

Does It hell to have Demo mark any enemies as well?

Sorry for noob questions

I am pretty sure Officer’s Prerogative has something to do with Demolitions’ own marking. It doesn’t work on Tactician’s or Interrogation. It only works when Demo marked targets themself. So if Demo marked a Snatcher and Scion, and all enemies got marked by Interrogation, what would happen is Snatcher and Scion is going to get hit by the biggest Air Strike, followed by every single enemy getting hit by Spotter Support, Snatcher and Scion too, even if they’re dead.

Officer on Snatcher, Spotter on Snatcher, Officer on Scion, Spotter on Scion, then rest of enemies get hit by Spotter in turns. That’s how Officer + Spotter works. That’s why you sometimes see a dead target getting hit twice. Or a boss getting hit twice. It’s Officer then Spotter, then moved to next target, whether marked by Officer or not.

You might be right about this, that it’s mostly about how many you killed to get 2/3rd or whatever. And if Ultimate ended, anything bleeding like bosses, just furthers the cooldown. So that would explain why 2nd Artillery on 2nd Stump didn’t recharge much from Artillery alone, because most of the enemies were already dead.

If it’s truly about how many got killed and bleed kills didn’t count, then shouldn’t you be using Level 6 Cooperation as Tactician? It is literally +30% damage on marked targets. If a Spotter Artillery hit Scion and took off 80% HP from explosion, then Cooperation’s +30% damage could have completely killed Scion, so no bleeding happens. I mentioned earlier that 5th card could be optional rather than using Speed Loader, but actually Cooperation should be used.

Speaking personally, I always use Healing Module as well as Resupply Amplifier. I mentioned in a post (possibly a different thread?) that on the higher waves, it’s helpful because when I go out for a meatshield, I sometimes have to drop my Resupply as I’m closing the gap to the enemy to both heal me and give me that extra damage resistance (which is up to 63% I think when maxed at level 6).

Yeah same here, the healing and radius are really useful for later waves so you and the squad aren’t constantly dying :slight_smile:

I have noticed that in Tactician’s card setup, there was no Recharge Bounty. Does that not work with Interrogation or Demolitions’ cooldown? It’s strange because some people used to think they did proc together, when in fact they didn’t? As proven in the video.

When it comes to perfect active reloading, it’s easier with Boomshot because all you have to do is empty magazine and you have perfect active reload bar immediately. Meanwhile when it comes to Lancer GL, firing rocket isn’t going to get you perfect active bar. You literally have to empty the bullets magazine which can take few seconds, until you see perfect active bar appear. Is that the reason for Custom Boomshot over Lancer GL?

If you really wanted to make use of Officer’s Prerogative where you mark 3-5 enemies, there was a workaround involving Snub marking, leaving and taking cover. But with Boomshot, you can only really mark like 2-3 before they disappear and harder with mark with Boomshot at range.

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I’m sorry you’re getting issues. For Demo class make sure that Spotter Support, Confirmed Kill, & Officer’s Perogative are equipped & level 6. You also need his Ultimate Cooldown perk at level 10.

For Tactian his Interrogation needs to be level 6 so it reaches the maximum distance of 50 meters.
And you want to try & get the enemy spawn as tight & compacted as possible. The compacted spawn on Overload is a great map to do it on.
But another thing is you won’t always get Demos Ultimate back on every single wave. especially if it’s leeches or your Cooldown is not at level 10.
I hope this helps you. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thank you mate. It was the ultimate cooldown perk that I hadn’t factored in. That makes a big difference. Also we were playing on a big map, Allfathers. So that probably didn’t help.

Well I’m glad that I was able to help you. -Happy Hunting

The artillery strike does way more damage when you pre-active before using the ultimate. I believe the active effects on the Custom Boomshot or Custom Lancer GL transfer to the artillery strike itself.

Thanks - is it a bug?

Nah seems like an intended feature and bonus effect of obtaining an active.

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Wait, so Recharge Bounty isn’t necessary? Only have to bring Interrogation + Cooperation then?